How to Sell Your Videos to Earn a Profit

Sell Digital Videos

Streaming sites are among the most popular websites on the Internet, launching what seems like a new viral star every day. While this is certainly the age of the streaming viral video, not all online video creators are giving their content away for free. Find out how to sell your videos, rather than posting them all on free sites, to earn a profit while building a viable business.

Selling Videos: What You Need to Get Started

You may think you need a website fully capable of processing every aspect of a financial transaction in order to sell videos online, but this isn’t quite the case. In fact, all you really need is the ability to process payments securely through names people trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet, along with secure file hosting and the ability to automate download delivery in order to avoid delays. With a dedicated ecommerce platform like, you can even use social media profiles and a personal blog as sales hubs for your video content.

How to Sell Your Videos More Successfully

With the right tools and services in place, you’re free to start focusing on the things you need to do in order to promote and market your product. A high-quality ecommerce platform will include access to an internal affiliate network, which can help expand the scope of your marketing to include those beyond your organic reach. Working with even a few affiliates can help you to earn significantly more money by boosting sales without increasing your marketing budget for unproven promotional plans, like prepaid advertising. You only pay for affiliate marketing when it’s successful, and even then it’s just a percentage of your profit. You’re not looking at a substantial investment for banner ads or other promo content people typically ignore; you’re increasing your chances of selling videos by partnering with web personalities who have an established following and a vested interest in promoting your product specifically.

Don’t give away your best content, or fall into the trap of believing you need thousands of dollars in start-up capital to sell videos. With the right tools and services, you can earn a profit while building a lucrative business.

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