How to Sell Your Videos Online

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They’re shared, shown and seem to be the topic of every online conversation: viral videos. The digital video has become an indisputable part of not just Internet culture, but human culture as a whole. What if there were a way you could capitalize on this enthusiasm for video content directly, rather than giving your work away and relying upon ad revenue for compensation? With your own web store, the right tools and the help of key service providers, you can do just that. You don’t have to struggle for hits on a free streaming site to earn a pittance. You can start selling videos and earning money easier than you may think.

Learning How to Sell Your Videos

There’s a learning curve for any new skill. When it comes to learning how to sell your videos, the biggest hurdle is likely to be marketing and promotions. After all, you can’t make money or a sale if no one knows about your product. So, one of the first things you’ll need to do is put a marketing plan in place. This is where programs like affiliate networks become particularly valuable, because they don’t require an up-front investment in return for uncertain results. You’ll pay for banners and other ads before they go live, and that money is spent whether it renders results or not. With an affiliate program, you only pay for marketing that ends in a sale.

Another thing to consider is the actual business of running a webstore. When you put your content on free streaming sites, you may not be selling videos, but you’re also not required to manage daily maintenance. To sell videos or any other digital goods, you must be able to process payments through trusted processing services. You’ll also need to be able to automate download delivery, so your customers are never forced to wait for a manually sent link. Finally, content hosting becomes a concern. These things don’t have to be overwhelming to the beginner, though. You don’t need a handful of separate services to make your business run. All you need is one ecommerce platform service provider of high quality and good reputation. Services like make launching your own store easy.

Sell Videos Successfully: Using the Right Tools for the Job

You wouldn’t use a hammer when you really need a paintbrush; why use tools and services that aren’t a good fit for your business? You don’t need a professionally-built website capable of managing sales and payment processing; you need a great ecommerce platform. These services combine payment processing through the most trusted names in the business, like PayPal and Google Wallet. They also make download delivery a breeze by automating the entire process. You never have to worry about the security of your file hosting solution, either. The best services will also include access to affiliate networks built right in to the system.

When you build a strong business plan around the right tools and services for the job, you can earn a profit from selling videos online. Don’t keep giving your content away for free, start your own web store today!


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