How to Sell Your Videos in the Age of Free Streaming

Sell Digital Videos

Does it seem like everywhere you look online, there’s another viral video getting everyone’s attention? In the age of the free streaming site and the viral video, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to figure out how to sell your videos to see so many giving their content away. While at first blush, it may seem like they’re devaluing your content and damaging the market, this doesn’t have to be the case. All you need is to learn how to position your own content properly, and you can sell videos while your peers rely on ad revenue to turn a profit.

What You Need to Sell Videos

Before you ever release a product, you need a business plan that covers not only your marketing and promotional schemes, but also the day-to-day running of your business and the infrastructure you’ll need to make a sale.

Earning money online by selling videos means you’re going to have to be able to collect payment from your customers. Preferably, you’ll do so through trusted and secure methods which keep their sensitive payment information safe, like PayPal or Google Wallet. To be successful, you must safeguard your brand image and promote positive customer reviews; part of this is making sure they’re able to access the videos they’ve purchased immediately upon making their payments. For this reason, automated content delivery is a must.

As a content creator and merchant, you have needs as well. For your business to function properly, you’ll need to make sure your videos are securely hosted, and that you have access to marketing tools to help expand your reach. It’s possible to meet each of these needs individually through separate tools and services,but it’s far more efficient to choose a streamlined, comprehensive service like to combine these tasks.

Selling Videos by Setting Yourself Apart from the Pack

It’s true that free streaming sites are awash in content people can view at no charge. In order to encourage your customers to spend money to see your content, it has to be a cut above the free offerings. Invest in production, and spend time editing for a professional quality product. Think about the content itself, and what you’re trying to convey. How can you elevate your message to create premium content worth purchasing? Quality will be a determining factor in your ability to build sales.

At the same time, your marketing plan is crucial. Taking advantage of tools offered by your ecommerce provider, like affiliate network and marketing access, is of vital importance. With a focus on quality and attention to marketing, you can learn how to sell your videos successfully while everyone else gives their content away for free.


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