How to Sell Your Videos for Profit

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If you’ve been posting your videos on free streaming sites, you’ve probably built a following, but you may also be essentially giving away a product you could be selling for a tidy profit. Learning how to sell your videos by transitioning to a pay download model doesn’t have to be such a daunting task, either. With a bit of online sales knowledge, you can have your very own web store set up and ready to launch in a matter of hours.

How to Sell Your Videos and Start Your Own Online Business

Video content creators who have already established themselves on free streaming sites may have a bit of an advantage over newcomers, as they’ll have a built-in audience. Still, this doesn’t mean you’re out in the cold if you haven’t amassed a following. It’s not too late to get started with streaming sites; even though you’re planning to sell videos, you’ll still need to foster interest in your products to spur those sales. Free sites are a great place to showcase some of your content and to generate interest.

When it comes to setting up your actual web store, there are two primary options from which you can choose. The first is to have a website professionally designed, with built-in online shopping capability. You’ll need to monitor sales alerts carefully in order to manually fulfill orders, and you may run the risk of delayed content delivery. Your site will need to be maintained, and any downtime will be your responsibility. For the majority of new merchants, the best option by far is to work with a reputable ecommerce platform like, which can be easily integrated into a less sophisticated website with simple, cut-and-paste HTML code. These services can also act as stand-alone sales portals, with your social media presence driving traffic. A comprehensive ecommerce platform streamlines the most vital aspects of running an online sales business, combining file hosting and automated content delivery with secure payment processing through trusted services.

A great ecommerce platform is also relatively simple to set up, so you’ll be ready to launch your web store as soon as you have enough content to start selling videos.

Maintaining Your Business and Continuing to Sell Videos

The key to online sales success isn’t a one-time surge in popularity, but sustained growth over time. For content creators who hope to sell videos, this means maintaining a commitment to creating fresh, new content on a regular basis. New customers are valuable, but your regular subscribers are the ones who are building word-of-mouth buzz and recommending your videos to their friends.

By choosing the most efficient sales system and building a business plan which emphasizes the importance of self-promotion and new content releases, you can start selling videos to build a thriving, successful business.


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