How to Sell Your Videos as Instructional Products

Selling Videos Online

Streaming video sites may rule the Internet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a profit by learning how to sell your videos directly to consumers. With the right tools, the support of the right services and a dedication to marketing, you can start selling videos with an instructional slant quicker and more easily than you may realize. All you need is compelling content, and a basic understanding of the brave new world of ecommerce.

Selling Videos as Instructional Products

Before the proliferation of high speed Internet access made it so easy for experts to share their knowledge via video, most instructional products were made up of text and diagrams. Depending on the type of skill you’re trying to teach and your target audience, though, this can be a very difficult way of illustrating a point and passing on knowledge. Now, it’s easy to build your how-to empire by selling videos as instructional tools.

Most people learn best when they’re able to observe a demonstration of the skill set or technique being explained. With the power of the Internet and a collection on videos, today’s teachers are able to bring the workshop to each customers’ home, potentially reaching viewers from around the world. If you have a skill set you’re eager to share, you don’t have to be an accomplished author with the ability to draw perfect diagrams. With a camera and some video editing tools, you can start sharing your expertise and earning a profit off your hard-earned knowledge.

What You Need to Sell Videos

Just like any other digital product, you will need the capability to meet certain customer needs and expectations if you plan to sell videos online. It’s tough to make a profit if you can’t collect money, so payment processing is a priority. At the same time, you also can’t make a sale if no one knows about your product, so you’ll need some marketing assistance. Your customers expect to gain access to the files they’ve purchased right away, so monitoring sales alerts and manually fulfilling orders can cause your customer service ratings to take a hit.

You can keep payment processing, marketing tools, content delivery services and file hosting separate, but this will require a variety of different tools and services just to maintain daily operations, which can quickly become a time-sink. Efficiency is key for any online business, and you can’t sell videos to recurring customers if you don’t have time to produce new content, so a comprehensive service is almost always a better solution. For merchants who focus on selling videos or any other type of digital product, working with a high-quality ecommerce service provider like can make all the difference.


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