How to Sell Your Music & Media Online

Sell Beats Online

Online media includes books, music, videos, articles, news and blogs. This guide can help you sell your music and media online. It provides a full picture of how to get started, as well as the tools and resources you might need to be successful. Below you will find subheadings that outline the different pieces of information you need to know to sell your music and media online.

Begin to Sell Music and Media Online

Three points will be examined in this section and throughout the rest of this guide:

  • Know what to sell—You already know you will sell some type of music and media. What is important is to learn what is currently trending. Find out the type of music genre that’s selling well. Pop artists typically top the charts, but don’t overlook country singers, for example, who also have a significant following. Your music and media should relate to potential buyers.
  • Marketing 

    —A plethora of strategies exist for marketing. Marketing is the key to selling your music and media successfully.

  • Where to sell—More than 100 music and media sales platforms exist online. Later in this guide, you will learn about some of them.

Steps to Sell Music and Media

You should have a professional music and media product to sell with files available in different formats to ensure they can be sold to buyers with different types of devices. Before you upload your items online, follow these steps:

  • Get your content licensed
  • Start marketing your music and media
  • Start selling

You can put a file up online anytime, but someone could accuse you of selling unoriginal work, work that belongs to someone else. Before you put any of your files online and allow consumers to download them, license your content. Digital goods platforms ensure your material is protected from unauthorized download; however, they cannot protect the material unless you do so with a copyright. Submit your work to be copyrighted.

Once you have the copyright, create a marketing plan based on your target audience and marketing budget. Also, search for a digital goods sales platform. The list of potential sites in this guide is a starting point. Look for the specific features that you require.


The following online marketing concepts are good choices. You might also want to market your music and media offline.

  • SEO—Search engine optimization is a way to be ranked higher in search engine results, which can bring traffic to a website. SEO is an indirect method of advertising on search engines because you don’t pay for your website to be shown in results. Search engines show your website in response to a search query for keywords related to your website’s content. Using SEO can prove to be an economical marketing method.
  • SEM—Search engine marketing is a direct method of advertising on search engines. A payment is made to search engines for showing a website’s link along with the normal search results for specific queries. SEM is not the most economical method of marketing but can bring results quickly.
  • Forums—People on forums discuss specific topics. While forums are not meant for marketing any product or service specifically, they can be a useful place to market your music and media if you participate and contribute to discussions.
  • Social Networks—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites are ways to market music and media. Social media provides word-of-mouth publicity to your content and can sometimes make it go viral. For instance, if you share a video of your band with a short snippet of the best song on Facebook and YouTube, people might share it.
  • Affiliate Marketing—This pay-for-performance marketing method allows affiliates to get a commission on each sale.

Places to Sell

Sales platforms provide you with a storefront, a secure server, automated download, a place to sell music and media and a shopping cart tool for consumers to use to purchase your items. The following list of sales platforms shows you some of the premier sites to sell music and media:

  • CD Baby—With CD Baby, you can sell music on Facebook, iTunes and Amazon. You upload and sell full albums or a single song and find global distribution avenues. CD Baby approves your content, and once any changes are finalized, you can start selling. CD Baby ensures your product is professional.
  • VibeDeck —You can sell and promote your music on Facebook using VibeDeck. This site also offers SoundCloud as an affiliate site. With this site, you keep 100 percent of your sales. You sell your own music on different sites to get consumers to notice you. There is a small fee. All you need with VibeDeck is music, artwork and PayPal.
  • TuneCore —Using this digital sales platform, you have access to multiple digital stores on which to sell your products, including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Nokia and Rhapsody. After you make the music, you use a publishing administration tool to ensure it is licensed and copyrighted. To get started, upload the music and cover art, and use a shopping cart. TuneCore can create your cover art if you don’t have any. You get 100 percent of your sales with a small usage fee for the site.


PayLoadz: The Best Sales Platform Online

PayLoadz, a digital sales platform to sell music and media, allows you to purchase an account that includes marketing tools and resources to use, or you can begin with a free account and wait to have income rolling in before switching to the paid account. This makes the sales platform affordable. With the PayLoadz free account option, it’s easy for you to get your sales going before upgrading to a paid account.

If you have music and media to sell, online selling is the best way to reach a global crowd. With PayLoadz, you have access to several payment methods, and you can accept payments in more than 25 currencies. This makes the PayLoadz platform ideal to sell your products globally. PayLoadz provides a platform that works with several other websites. You can start making money today simply by opening an account with PayLoadz.

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