How to Sell Your eBook Download on Your Terms

How to Sell Books

When you decide you don’t want to deal with the lack of control and minimal profit margin of traditional publishing, where do you turn? There are proprietary eBook download marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices, but these programs can come with the same limited control you’d find with a publisher. For many new and established authors alike, independent publishing and online sales are the answer. The trick to succeeding as a self-published digital author lies in tool and service selection. When you choose the right systems, you’re able to skip the startup expense often associated with a new business while reaping the benefits of independence. Before you choose a direct marketplace publishing system, take some time to explore your options.

Tools You Need to Sell an eBook Download

Running your own web store means you get to make all the rules, but it also means you have to put in all the work. In order to make a go of your venture, you need to make sure you have access to the right tools and services.

First and foremost, you need payment processing both you and your customers can trust. Systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are ideally suited to the task, but they only provide payment processing. You’ll need to supplement their power with secure file hosting, automated content delivery and specialized marketing systems. Because today’s buyer is not willing to wait for their products, automated content delivery takes the potential for error out of order fulfillment. Since you can’t sell eBook download products to customers who don’t know you exist, marketing is an absolute must. Rather than attempting to cobble together a cohesive system using several separate service providers, it’s far more efficient and effective to work with a dedicated eCommerce platform. Services like seamlessly integrate PayPal and Google Wallet, provide secure hosting for your files and zero-risk marketing through built-in affiliate networks.

Building Your eBook Download Sales System

Choosing an eCommerce platform to bring everything together helps you maintain an efficient business model. What you may not realize is that these systems also have the potential to save you a lot of money. Instead of investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a professionally-built custom website, you’re able to cut and paste simple HTML into a free blog site or a simple, inexpensive template site you easily build yourself. Instead of overinvesting in prepaid marketing, you’re able to connect with affiliates who only get paid when they make a sale for you.

Affiliate marketing systems have a lot in common with commission-based sales. Instead of spending money on ads with effectiveness you can’t guarantee, you’re able to pay for marketing only when it works. When you pull it altogether into a strong sales system, you’re able to start your eBook download empire on a tiny budget. Get started today, and take the first step towards online sales success.

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