How to Sell Your Books as Digital Downloads

sell your books

Are you ready to move from a novice writer to a paid author? No, you don’t need to start mailing your manuscript off to publishing houses just to wait for months to hear back from them. You can get started right away by self-publishing, and sell your books as a digital downloads. It is fast and easy to get started and you can do it right from your computer.

Benefits of Self-Publishing

Yes, getting a big book deal from a publishing house is an amazing accomplishment, but it is also very difficult to do. Many wonderful books have been rejected just because the author was unknown or the book was not what the agency was currently looking for. Now with the change to digital downloads, anyone can get their book published by doing it themselves. It doesn’t mean your book couldn’t be picked up by a publishing house down the road – in fact, it may give it just the exposure it needs to get an editor’s attention. Some of the other benefits include:

  • It is fast
  • It is free (unless you buy an ISBN)
  • Anyone can do it

So how do you self-publish and sell your books? Easy. You just need to convert your books to digital downloads so they can be sold online. eBooks are generally in PDF format, with a cover, index, copyright and acknowledgement page at the beginning. Once it is in the right format you can begin marketing and selling your books.

Help to Sell Your Books Online

Now that you have self-published your books, you need help to actually sell your books. For the beginner, the best option is enrolling in a service that sells digital downloads like Most writers are not up to speed in creating their own digital delivery system from their eBooks and managing online sales and marketing. PayLoadz does all of this for you. Their service includes:

  • Professional, safe payment processing for credit cards, debit cards, ACH and Paypal.
  • Secure, immediate digital delivery of your books to your customers.
  • Affiliate marketing options for higher exposure and larger profits.
  • Unlimited digital storage available.
  • Online digital store to sell your books.
  • Use the service to sell your books from anywhere online, including Facebook, Twitter and eBay.

All this is included at a low monthly fee that anyone can afford. In no time at all, you can get your books online to sell as digital downloads and start making money as a self-published, professional writer.

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