How to Sell the Book You Wrote

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You put in the long hours writing, editing and polishing your manuscript; now what? Not so long ago, the logical next step would have been securing a literary agent and publisher to sell the book. You would have been forced to relinquish some creative control, along with the publishing rights, in exchange for seeing your book in stores. These days, technology has revolutionized the way people buy, sell and consume books. Now, self-publishing directly to digital format can be not only the avenue which allows you to retain the most control; it can also be the most lucrative option. Before you start crafting query letters and preparing to weather the stress of seeking out a traditional publisher, why not explore an alternate path?

Sell the Book You’ve Written Yourself

When it comes to reading, the game has changed in the last decade. Thanks to eReader devices and smartphone apps, it’s easy for book lovers to carry an entire library in their pocket. For authors, this cultural shift has also changed the way business is done. It’s no longer an expensive vanity project to self-publish your work; with the right systems in place, you can sell the book you just finished as a natural extension of your online business.

The key is to remember that quality is still king. Few things damage your credibility as quickly as a sloppy, poorly edited eBook. Spend time going over your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, fixing any errors you find and cutting extraneous material. It may even be wise to hire a professional editor, or at least enlist the help of a grammar-savvy friend willing to help. Once you have a polished, market-ready manuscript, it’s time to start focusing on the business side of things.

Tools and Services You Need to Sell the Book Successfully

One of the most common and costly mistakes made by new authors seeking to self-publish and sell the book they’ve written is over-investing in the wrong areas. You don’t need to hire an expert web designer to create a business website capable of managing basic eCommerce systems. They’re expensive, complicated to maintain and often still require monitoring to ensure your customers are satisfied. The most efficient and effective systems are built around inexpensive but highly valuable outsourcing to a quality eCommerce platform service.

Systems like take the tedious work of payment processing, secure file hosting and even content delivery our of your hands. You’re able to focus on marketing and promotion, often with the added boost afforded by taking advantage of built-in affiliate marketing. It’s as simple as cutting and pasting a single HTML code to turn your own free blog site, social networking profile and websites into sales portals.

Look for an eCommerce platform which includes payment processing through secure, trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. This allows your buyers to spend money confidently, without worry about compromising their sensitive financial information. Integrated, automated content delivery means they’ll get their new books quickly and easily. Your business will run itself, so you’re able to focus on creating new material and marketing in order to successfully sell the book that started your own self-publishing empire.

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