How to Sell Subscription Downloads

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What if there were a way you could launch an online business specializing in digital products, with a more reliable stream of income? Selling individual products can be a feast-or-famine situation, with sales pouring in one month and trickling in the next. When you build your brand around subscription downloads and a loyal subscriber base, however, you’re able to predict your income on a regular basis. This makes planning for investment expenditures easier, and helps you structure your business more efficiently. Managing a subscriber list doesn’t have to be a challenge, either. In fact, combining the trusted and reliable systems provided by PayPal with a strong eCommerce platform automates the entire process.

Automating Delivery and Management of Subscription Downloads

PayPal is one of the world’s most relied upon payment processing systems online, and it has built-in functionality for recurring billing. This immediately eliminates the need for manual billing management, but what about file delivery? Getting your subscription downloads to your customers on release day can be just as easy as payment processing, when you take advantage of powerful tools provided by a high-quality eCommerce platform.

Services like sync with recurring billing systems, allowing you to choose your monthly or weekly release date. Whether you’re selling a digital magazine, installments of a how-to series or any other serialized product, you’re able to eliminate the margin of error while boosting efficiency. Which you choose a strong eCommerce platform, you’ll also have access to the marketing tools you need to expand your reach without spending more than you can afford.

Subscription Downloads and No-Risk Marketing

When you invest in prepaid marketing, like sponsored social media posts and banner ads, you’re essentially paying for the potential to secure a sale. Your target audience may respond to the ad you’ve spent so much money to share, or they may just keep scrolling. This makes marketing your brand something of a gamble, which few new businesses can afford.

Fortunately, better eCommerce platforms include built-in access to affiliate networks, which help you to reach more customers without spending a small fortune. In fact, you’ll only pay for affiliate marketing when an affiliate actively makes a sale for you. Any closed sales originating from an affiliate’s specialized link are split, with the affiliate collecting a small portion of those proceeds. Since they work on commission, your affiliates have a vested interest in actively marketing your brand. Since you’re not spending money on unproven systems, you have the freedom to invest as you see fit. Working with comprehensive sales tools makes it easy and rewarding to launch your subscription downloads business. Get started today, and make your mark on the world of online sales.

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