How to Sell Software Without Major Distribution

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Not so long ago, independent software designers struggled to get their products into the hands of consumers without the support of major distribution. Low Internet speeds made downloading large files unfeasible, so independent developers were left to sell their programs as physical media and required to ship their products to buyers. These days, though, the proliferation of high speed Internet connections makes it easier than ever to sell software online without selling the distribution rights to your program.

Why Sell Software Online?

Major software distribution companies are charged with creating programs with the widest possible appeal in order to expand their potential buyer base. This means that many of the most popular programs will cater to a few needs of several different demographics, but rarely be a perfect fit for every user. Mass production, large-scale promotional plans and sizable overhead costs for these large corporations create a climate in which every program must have the widest possible range of prospective buyers, just to recoup the costs of program release. This is where independent software developers are able to capitalize on a great business opportunity, as they’re able to design, create and sell software with limited start-up costs to position themselves as a strong choice in a niche market.

For designers who have a strong understanding of a particular niche market’s needs, it’s entirely possible to start an online marketplace in which you can sell software online to generate revenue and begin building your own business.

How to Sell Software

Designing and preparing to sell software requires a significant amount of planning, but doesn’t have to require a host of exorbitantly expensive start-up costs. Running your own website to sell software online will also require not only initial funding, but also daily management of content distribution, transaction processing and customer support. Rather than spending large amounts of investment capital to have a professional website designed, it’s often best to consider the more efficient options available.

A versatile and streamlined ecommerce platform like allows sellers access to automated content delivery, providing customers with a download link immediately upon purchase. Program designers are not required to monitor sales alerts around the clock in order to manually fulfill orders in a timely manner whenever they sell software, and transactions are securely processed through trusted systems like Google Wallet and PayPal. Furthermore, a great ecommerce solution will include access to an affiliate network, reducing some of the pressure of marketing on new online business owners.

By outsourcing some of the crucial but more menial tasks related to online sales, independent software developers are able to focus more of their time on customer support and designing new products, helping their own businesses to thrive.


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