How to Sell My Beats? Navigating Online Sales for Musicians

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You know just how vital a role great beat tracks play in the creation of a solid hip hop, pop or R&B song, and you know how to create the tracks that keep the music industry running. What you may not know, though, is how to sell beats to other musicians in order to turn a profit while establishing yourself in the business.

How to Sell Beats Successfully with the Right Tools and Services

Once you’ve created a selection of tracks you’re ready to make available to vocalists and producers, it’s time to start learning the best and most effective methods of moving through the world of online sales.

The Internet makes it easier than ever for beatmakers to reach potential buyers from around the world, but you’ll still have to find the best tools and the right services in order to effectively capitalize on this opportunity. Turning the potential to reach a global audience into the ability to start selling beats is dependent upon your understanding of basic ecommerce tactics, and how the strongest tools on the market benefit your business.

Many new online merchants, especially those trying to learn how to sell beats, make the mistake of believing a widespread misconception which states you must build a website which includes dependent shopping cart programs, payment processing capabilities and content hosting. While this is certainly an option available to you, it’s one which is likely to require a substantial up-front investment and will require you to vigilantly monitor sales alerts in order to manually process transactions. For almost all beatmakers and musicians, the best option is an integrated ecommerce platform like

How to Sell My Beats with an Ecommerce Service Provider?

A great ecommerce platform will allow you to turn not only your personal website, but also your social networking profiles, blogs and even your email signature lines into a sales portal through simple, easy to use HTML codes which need only to be copied and pasted in the appropriate fields. This allows you to reach as many people within your organic network as possible, but doesn’t always help you reach those beyond the scope of your reach. That’s why it’s important to look for ecommerce service providers who include not only secure content hosting, storefront management, payment processing and content delivery, but also access to valuable marketing tools like affiliate network programs. Such programs allow you to expand your reach dramatically while streamlining daily business operations, helping you to earn more money and gain more clients as you keep selling beats.

With a great product and the right service providers in your corner, you can start earning money while building your reputation as an accomplished beatmaker.


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