How to Sell Music Without a Record Deal

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It wasn’t long ago when bands and solo musicians were largely forced to seek a record deal with a major label in order to get large-scale distribution for their music. These days, the Internet is making it easier than ever for independent musicians to thrive in the marketplace without the support of a corporate record label. Learn how to sell music yourself, and take back control of your musical career.

Selling Music: Why a Label Isn’t Always Required

There’s no denying the fact that record labels make it easier for your music to gain widespread radio airplay, or to be distributed to chain music stores. But the modern listener is less reliant than ever on standard terrestrial radio to discover new music, and the corporate record store chains are closing at a staggering pace. The face of the music industry is changing dramatically, and those who learn to navigate this brave new world of Internet distribution are likely to be the ones still standing when the dust settles.

When you sell music online, your project has the potential to reach listeners from around the world. Global reach paired with the ability to more easily network with fans and promoters around the world gives the marketing-savvy independent ban almost as much reach as their major-label counterparts. Learning how to sell music on the Internet can make all the difference for an independent band or musician. Freed from the demands of a corporate record label, these bands are also able to maintain a greater measure of control over their image, sound and marketing techniques.

How to Sell Music Online

In order to start selling music online, you’ll need to create a great marketing plan which allows you to reach as many listeners as possible. In addition to your promotional skills, you’ll also need to ensure your efforts are backed up with a strong, reliable e-commerce system which includes payment processing and instant content delivery. Today’s music fans are accustomed to gaining access to music files immediately after they complete a purchase, so it’s almost always best for bands to use an automated delivery system, rather than relying upon their own ability to monitor sales alerts and manually distribute download links.

Because you’ll want to focus as much time as possible on your new material, it’s typically best to choose a comprehensive system like, which combines payment processing and automated content delivery in a system maintained by a reliable service provider. You’re only responsible for marketing your music and creating new material; the mundane task of order fulfillment and payment processing is handled by a reputable third party.

You don’t have to work with a major label to establish a thriving fan base. When you learn how to sell music online, you’ll be able to gain success on your own terms.



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