How to Sell Music Online

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Over the last decade, a seismic shift in the music industry has almost completely changed the way people purchase music. Physical media purchases are becoming more focused on specialty items, like vinyl releases and feature-packed re-issues, while more and more listeners choose the quick and easy alternative of purchasing digital music files. For the independent musician, placement in major hubs like the iTunes and Amazon MP3 stores can be a serious challenge, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still sell music online. The key is learning how to optimize your online store, build your web presence and market your project properly.

Reasons to Sell Music Online

Money is often in short supply for independent artists, which can make the release of an album on physical media difficult. In addition to paying for studio time and shouldering crucial production costs, you must then spend more money to fund the pressing of compact discs. Rather than investing all of your money or going into debt to fund a physical media release, it’s often more economically sound to invest in studio time and production alone, then release digitally to sell music online. You’ll spend less in up-front investments, and won’t have to dedicate time to processing or shipping physical orders.

How to Sell Music Online

Even though your catalog may not be available in the iTunes or Amazon stores, this doesn’t mean you can’t be successful making money and building an audience when you choose to sell music as a digital product. By setting up your own store, you can retain control over your catalog without being forced to spend all of your valuable time managing and maintaining a dedicated sales website.

With a system like to help, your social media profiles, band blog and website all become sales pages. A simple, cut-and-paste HTML link makes it easy to direct traffic to your sales page, where payments are processed through secure, trusted systems and automated content delivery ensures your new fans can access their purchases immediately. You’re able to release one track at at time, a full album or your entire catalog as you see fit. You control the flow of content to your store, but the tedious work of processing sales is taken out of your hands. With a great ecommerce solution, you’ll even have access to a strong affiliate network which helps you get the attention of potential listeners who would otherwise be wholly out of reach.

Choosing to sell music online can help you to increase the web presence of your project and build your fan base while earning money. Don’t let your project fade into obscurity; start building your online following today.


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