How to Sell Music Online: Getting Started

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You’re ready to take the next step in your musical career, and to start earning money for your efforts. Learning how to sell music independently can seem like a daunting task at first, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated venture. In fact, when you choose the right tools for the job and form the right partnerships, you can get your web store up and running in just a few minutes. Find out what you need to get started learning how to sell music, and to start building your audience one sale at a time.

Why You Should Sell Music Online

Unlike independent musicians who made their way before the widespread availability of high speed Internet, you have the opportunity to reach listeners around the world when you sell music online. The potential for global reach means you’re able to gain more fans, build a bigger listener base and become more successful, but you have to make that music available to those fans. While getting into major marketplaces like the iTunes store can be a very real challenge, this doesn’t mean you’re not able to start your online sales venture. It just means that, unlike more established acts signed to major recording labels, you’ll need to partner with service providers who specialize in working with independent content creators.

Sell Music Online with an Ecommerce Solution

You need at least a few songs to start selling music, but that’s not all. You’ll also need to be able to get paid when you make a sale, and to offer your customers the option of using a payment processing service they trust. Secure file hosting is a must to protect your products. Finally, you’ll need to be able to meet the demands of today’s customers by providing instant access to purchased files. The best and most efficient way of meeting each of these needs with one service while also gaining access to valuable marketing tools is to work with a high quality ecommerce solution. Services like offer automated content delivery, payment processing through PayPal and Google Wallet, secure file hosting and affiliate network access, all under one banner. One service to log into, one system to keep up with and no maintenance requirements mean you’re able to focus on making new music while promoting your act.

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in a web store startup to get your music out there among new listeners. When you learn how to sell music with the help of a reliable ecommerce platform solution, you’re able to start building a listener base while earning money in the space of an afternoon.

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