How to Sell Music Online and Bypass the Record Label

ways to sell your digital music

The days of relying solely on a major label recording contract to break into the music business are long gone. These days, even Grammy winners like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are staying independent of the major labels as they make waves in the industry. If you’re looking for a way to make sure your band or musical project is the next big thing, you don’t have to waste time and energy chasing after a recording contract; you can take matters into your own hands and sell music online to build your following independently.

How to Sell Music Online

The first key to building a successful independent musical empire is learning how to sell music online. These days, the Internet is the single most effective and powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to sales and promotion. You have the potential to reach a global audience, selling music to eager fans around the world with a single click. All you need is a great product, and the support of the right tools and services.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end website capable of hosting your music files, processing payments and hosting a system for content delivery. With the support of a reliable and reputable ecommerce service provider, you can streamline all of the most vital aspects of online sales through one manageable, easy-to-navigate portal. Services like combine payment processing through trusted sources like PayPal and Google Wallet with automated content delivery to ensure your fans get the files they’ve purchased instantly. You’ll reap the benefits of secure file hosting, along with access to valuable seller tools that make your life as a musician and content marketer easier.

Sell Music Online and Reap the Benefits

Recording, buying instruments and replacing gear aren’t cheap. You can fund studio time for your next album, buy the gear you need or just enjoy the fruits of your labor when you start to sell music online, as opposed to giving it away for free. As your fan base grows, so will your bottom line. A dedicated sales page with samples and artist information also gives fans an online destination, so they can keep up with your newest projects and follow your trajectory to stardom.

Don’t miss the chance to start building your musical career; learn how to sell music online today, and pave your own road to stardom without the help of a record label.


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