How to Sell Music and Build Your Fan Base Online

Selling mp3

The Internet is no longer a new invention, but there is still new territory to be navigated by musicians hoping to learn how to sell music online. As retail stores specializing in physical music media close and more consumers look to digital content to fill their MP3 players or smartphones, independent musicians who confidently move through this new sales space are more successful and more popular. While you may not see a physical copy of your newest album on the stores of a chain music store, it can be very lucrative and a wise business move to sell music online. Rather than reaching only those potential listeners who happen to visit a store in which your music is sold in any given area, you have the potential to reach new fans from around the world with each new release.

Gathering the Right Tools to Sell Music

While it should go without saying that you need a selection of material ready for digital distribution, you also need the right tools for sales and order fulfillment in order to sell music. One of the most common mistakes made by independent musicians hoping to get their start online is failing to approach the growth and financial success of their project as a business, leading to poor sales support and negative reactions from buyers. In addition to playing and recording music, successful independent bands must also have some entrepreneurial spirit. This means choosing tools which will aid in the growth of your enterprise without consuming excessive amounts of time and energy. After all, you’ll need to be able to focus on continuing to record new material in order to maintain momentum.

Working with a total ecommerce solution like is imperative, especially for musicians with little to no sales experience online. These ecommerce platforms streamline the entire process, helping you to sell music without requiring a complete dedication of your time. The automated system accepts payment through trusted processing services like PayPal and Google Wallet, then ensures instant delivery of each and every file when you sell music to your customers. Look for ecommerce solutions which integrate important sales and marketing tools, especially access to affiliate networks, which can increase your reach exponentially.

Viewing Your Project as a Brand

The traditional model of recording contracts through major labels reinforced the idea for many musicians, even those who have come of age in the era of online sales, that they are responsible only for creating and playing music. In the minds of many performers, the tasks of promotion, marketing and growth are supposed to be handled by a dedicated team of publicists. The climate of today’s music industry has changed this model dramatically, leaving those musicians who aren’t prepared to adapt struggling to gain popularity. Independent musicians who hope to sell music and build a fan base without the assistance of marketing teams and a record label are more successful when they view their project as not only a vehicle of artistic expression, but also a viable brand. Your job is to create and record new music, and to promote a brand image which is attractive to prospective fans.

This is where tools like affiliate marketing networks are so valuable. They help you to expand the reach of your project, enlisting outside sources with a vested interest in helping you reach new listeners. When their interest is piqued and they decide to make a purchase, your customer service skills will inform their opinion of your brand. By offering payment processing through avenues which are well-known and respected, you foster trust in new buyers. Providing instant access to newly purchased files cements that trust, and the quality of your music converts buyers of a product into fans of a musical project. Bolster your brand image by working with proven ecommerce solutions, and you can sell music online with great success.


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