How To Sell EBooks

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If you are looking for a way to make money in a home-based business, writing eBooks might be an option.  The flexibility of working from home, setting your own hours and using your creativity can be rewarding and profitable. If you have a knack for writing and have ideas or stories that are waiting to be told, this could be the home business for you.

Writing an eBook

The first step in getting your eBook business started is to write your book. You can sell eBooks on nearly any topic but, as in any business, finding a topic that is in demand is key. The book can be fiction or nonfiction and can be long or short, but you need to grab people’s attention with a great title and subject. Here are some ideas for eBook subjects:

Short stories: A short story could be a children’s book, a romance or a murder mystery. If you have a creative spark in you, write down your ideas. Have a friend or family member read your story to give you a critique on your writing. Getting feedback and using it to polish your work is useful. If people like your first eBook, they are likely to buy your subsequent books.

Informational: You can sell eBooks on any useful subject you know about. “How to” eBooks can be on anything from potty training your child to putting together a business plan. Write about 100 ways to stay positive, save money or eat healthy. Brainstorm: You might know more things than you think.

Novels: No longer do you need to get a publishing house to buy your book. You can sell eBooks online, directly to the consumer. If you have a novel that has been festering within you, write it!

Once you create an eBook, you will need to start the process to get it online. It needs to be in a useable digital format, such as a PDF. You will also need to find a site or sites from which you can sell your eBook. You can start your own site or post it on other sites that have storage and payment options like

Starting your own eBook business can be fun and profitable. It is not for everybody, but anyone who enjoys writing and has some talent can have a rewarding career with eBooks.

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