How to Sell Ebooks Online without a Publishing Deal

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For book lovers and authors alike, this is undoubtedly the age of the ereader. Ebook sales are continuing to increase, as sales of physical books continue to decline in many sectors. While this sea change has a variety of implications for publishing companies, one of the most important is their less vital role in the entire process. More and more authors, both newcomers and those with established author brands, are choosing to self-publish and sell ebooks online to retain greater control over the finished product and earn higher profit margins.

How to Sell Ebooks: Getting Started

The first thing you need in order to get started int he world of selling ebooks is a product. Whether you specialize in genre fiction, upmarket literature or non-fiction, your first ebook is your first viable product. In order to make sure it’s a marketable credit to the brand you’re building, you should make sure it meets a few basic criteria.

First, it must be edited and polished to professional quality. The relatively low barrier to entry means that you’ll be able to get your product on the market fairly easily, but so can authors whose output is of questionable quality. Your brand, and readers’ perception of your brand, is vital to the overall success of your self-publishing venture. As such, it must be protected. If possible, consider investing in professional editing services before release, and spend time researching the best formatting for text and illustrations in ebooks.

Because you’ll also want to sell ebooks to as many customers as possible, it’s also a good idea to make your product available in a variety of file formats. Each ereader device on the market has its own native file format, and universal formats, like PDF, are widely supported by many different devices. You don’t want to miss out on a sale because your product isn’t available in the right format, so take time to address this need.

Tools and Services for Selling Ebooks

After your product is edited, polished, formatted and ready for sale, it’s time to address needs specific to sale and delivery. Today’s customers, especially those who frequently purchase ebooks online, are accustomed to instant file delivery and seamless payment processing. Fortunately, the same services which offer these benefits to your buyers come with a host of valuable selling tools for you as a merchant. Selling ebooks through ecommerce platform services like allows you to streamline operations completely, offering a more efficient system for sales, delivery and payment processing

Think twice before restricting your audience base by choosing an exclusive placement option through major ebook marketplaces. With the right tools and services on your side, you can make a thoroughly independent splash in the world of self-publishing and selling ebooks online.


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