How to Sell EBooks

How to Sell Books

The popularity of eBooks can’t be denied. All indications show that eBooks will soon be the predominant way to read. It might take another 10 years or so, but eBooks will become the norm over physical books. Saving trees by reading digitally is only one benefit. Low production costs will also help move publishers toward eBooks. Writers can submit work already in a digital format and upload it for sale. EBooks might be the right place to start for entrepreneurs who want to get into the digital download market. It’s easy to create an eBook and sell it.

What is an EBook?

An eBook is a digitally formatted book. An eBook can be as short as fewer than 2,000 words or as long as 1,000 pages or more. It depends on the subject, how much you want to charge and what you write about. Children’s books, picture books, how-to guides and books about pets all make good eBooks.

Selling an EBook

You need to follow specific steps to successfully sell an eBook. The information in this eBook is designed to teach you how. If you follow the steps, you should have and easier and more productive experience. You will learn the most important aspects:

  • Creating the eBook

  • Selecting a sales platform

  • Marketing the eBook

Creating the EBook

Determine the subject of the eBook. You cannot succeed unless you have an idea regarding what will sell. A savvy marketing plan might bring you some money in the beginning, but if you don’t sell what people want, you aren’t likely to sustain what your marketing has initially accomplished.

Online research can show you what is currently selling the most. Look at different eBook stores. What are the most popular items? Do the stores sell fiction and nonfiction bestsellers as part of an affiliate network? Are some sites selling their own books? If so, what types of eBooks are they selling? Are they successful in the topic they have chosen to sell? Technology guides, how to complete home improvement projects, how to get a mortgage and how to avoid bankruptcy have been popular sellers. Research the trends to give you ideas.

Writing eBooks takes time. The first draft usually needs to be edited. You may need to hire an editor or even a ghostwriter to write the book. It’s best to have at least two or three eBooks finished before you sell them. That way, you can continue writing as you start to get your business off the ground. It’s also a good idea to use a professional to put the finishing touches on your product. No one wants to read a book with mistakes; this typically leads to mistrust.

Selecting Sales Platform

You need to select a sales platform. Analyze it based on four factors:

  • Reputation and reliability

  • Storage and security

  • Multiple payment options

  • Pricing, pay when selling

The sales platform you choose should have a reputation for reliability regarding storage and security parameters. When you have a digital download business selling eBooks, you should upload the files to a secure server.

It is also necessary for a sales platform to offer automated delivery of the product from the storage facility. A customer who wants to download the eBook should be required to finish the payment before access to the book is given. This is why secure and good-sized storage help.

Multiple payment options ensure acceptance of currencies around the world. You may have eBooks that sell in Africa, Europe, Japan and America. If so, you need to accept a variety of currencies. Multiple payment options give consumers choices regarding whether they use a credit card, Automated Clearing House, electronic transfer or PayPal for the payment. Limited payment options hurt your potential to make money.

Your eBooks might not sell immediately. It might take a few weeks to make a sale and a few months before you make a profit. During this time, it is best to have an affordable pricing system. Why pay for storing your items online when money is not coming in? Opt for a free account that includes a storefront, payment options and storage. You can always upgrade to a paid account with more resources later on.

Marketing EBooks

Marketing any digital product involves taking available concepts and making them unique. Any eBook can sell with the right marketing. But it’s better to offer a book with useful content to have repeat and happy consumers. Without proper marketing, however, even the most useful eBook can be on the virtual shelf for life. Use these tactics to market your eBooks successfully:

  • Build a website

  • Have multiple storefronts

  • Blog

  • Use social networking

  • Use affiliate systems

Building your own website involves investing in a web host and domain name. It’s important to have at least one website that is completely yours and under your control. This adds professionalism. The URL would be solely yours instead of having an addendum to it based on the company name.

Some people like to shop on trusted sites, so a storefront on a place like eBay can increase your trust level. This can help convert buyers to your true site.

Blogging is another way to market. A free blog with WordPress, for example, provides an independent location from your site. You can also have a blog on your website. In the blog, discuss your eBook and topics that pertain to the book. While mentioning an excerpt from the book, you can elaborate or create a discussion for readers.

Social networking can be a powerful marketing tool. Large companies take advantage of Facebook and Twitter for social networking. Placing ads on these sites is important. Start your own page. A Facebook page about your business can present updates in a quick and easy way. Facebook also helps you gain a following of fans.

Affiliate systems in which someone comes to you to sell your eBook provides you with even more storefronts and more sales. An affiliate can work to sell your book for a commission. You would retain most of the profit, and you would share some with the affiliate. Affiliates may have different marketing techniques that could increase your sales.

The Best Platform to Sell EBooks

As you research different sales platforms, you will likely find more than 25 of them. PayLoadz, an online sales platform for digital goods, is one of the better ones. PayLoadz offers a massive online secure file storage server. The system works with a bulk upload option where sellers place every file they have in the server with a few clicks. What makes PayLoadz stand out among the rest is its free account. It offers everything you need to get started selling your eBooks today with just three clicks. The free account can later be upgraded to a small monthly paid account once your eBooks start selling. There is no obligation to use the account. You can first decide by trying it out to determine whether it truly works for you. PayLoadz is worth a look. Find out what tools and marketing aids are available for you there to sell eBooks.

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