How to Sell Downloads

How to Sell Downloads

As technology advances in leaps and bounds, many retailers are making big changes in their business models. They sell digital downloads of their products, either in addition to physical goods or exclusively. Digital artists in any medium, whether it’s visual art, literature or music, have an unprecedented level of global reach in today’s online world. The ability to sell digital downloads of the fruits of their labor makes it easy to raise visibility and increase income.

Who Can Sell Downloads?

Anyone who offers a product that can be transmitted digitally can sell downloads of that product. Artists, businesspeople and educators can supplement their incomes through offering products online, with little to no overhead costs. There are no physical copies to produce, no manufacturing or shipping costs and no brick-and-mortar storefront to maintain. Even a casual user can generate a steady flow of income through the sale of a product when stock never needs to be replenished and can be sent around the globe in a matter of minutes.

Artists and Photographers – Whether your chosen medium is stock photography or fine digital art, there is a market for your work. Selling your artwork online for instant delivery allows your target audience to receive it immediately. This is especially useful for those who offer photographs or digital art for commercial use and design purposes.

MusiciansThe physical medium of compact disc is on the decline as downloads overtake the market. By selling your music online and offering instant downloads instead of physical shipping, you can introduce it to a global audience of potential fans.

Writers Whether you’re a fiction writer or an expert who wants to sell copies of a nonfiction work, opting to sell an eBook eliminates the cost of publishing. You also avoid the pitfalls of navigating the publishing industry. Instead of collecting rejection slips, you can offer your work for sale as a self-published writer with no overhead, no agent and no chance of rejection.

How to Sell Downloads Securely

The trick to successfully generating an income through selling downloads is to market yourself through a regularly updated blog or professional website. Also, offer your downloads through a secure delivery service that can be integrated with your chosen online payment service. Automated services like make it possible for your customers to instantly receive their download upon remitting payment. This eliminates shipping costs and the waiting time associated with traditional physical-goods delivery.

Promoting your goods and services through social media and tech-savvy marketing also increases visibility of those products and exposes them to potential customers around the clock. This allows you to create residual income that continues to build as it’s discovered by entirely new audiences though word of mouth and effective marketing. Learning how to sell downloads is a simple process that can generate high returns on the investment of little more than your time and effort. Building an independent income is a journey that starts with a single step.

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