How to Sell Digital Products

Digital Products to Sell

Do you wonder how to sell digital products or whether you have the knowledge or expertise to create them? You may be surprised to learn how little technical skill this business involves. Many digital products are easily sold from your home computer, and getting them online for sale is easy as well.


Choose Your Product

While there are many types of digital products that can be made, most people want to stick with something they know. You have two options when deciding to sell digital products: create the products yourself or buy the rights to products other people make and sell them.

The most profitable option is to create your own products. If you are not creative, you can still make some digital goods. You can write a “how-to” eBook, take photographs or make a video. These options typically sell well online and don’t take much equipment or knowledge to create. Other options are MP3 audio files, documents, fonts, software and digital art.

Buying other peoples’ products to sell is a little more complicated and expensive but is another option. Some people have a ghostwriter create an eBook for them or buy sets of eBooks to sell. If you use a ghostwriter, get it in writing that all rights to the product are transferred to you before listing it for sale as your own product.

Another option is to offer other peoples’ digital products for sale on your site as an affiliate to another digital product site, such as As an affiliate, you’re helping the content creator gain exposure to a wider audience, and you earn commissions on sales made through your site.


Getting Your Products Online

However you obtain your digital products, you need a landing page for people to come to buy them. Whether you create your own website or sell through someone else, there needs to be a store to feature your products. One of the easiest ways to get started is to use a digital delivery service that has an online store from which you can sell, like

Digital delivery services are designed to help you with the customer transaction portion of your online business. Many services set you up with a shopping cart, payment processing and digital delivery. If you want to use the service as your landing page, the service needs to have its own online store from which you would sell your product. The service takes the payment from the customer and delivers the product while you sit back and let the money come in. Once you start putting your product on other sites, make sure the digital delivery service you choose works with all your landing pages.

It really is simple to learn how to sell digital products, and it’s a great way to make extra money!


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