How to Sell Digital Download Products

Digital Download ProductsWhat you need to know about file formats.

When you sell a digital download, it’s important to offer it only in standard formats. If you decide to use a format that no one has heard of or that is used with a specific eBook reader, it will be more difficult for your clients to download your eBooks. The best tip regarding digital download products is to keep them simple so that everyone who might wish to purchase your book can. This applies to other digital download options, like music.

File Formats

PDF is one of the oldest standard formats for a digital download in eBook form. PDF came about in the 1990s to offer a way to look at documents sent in files from other computers as well as to manipulate them if necessary. PDF was meant to be the all-around option for any download, whether it was an eBook, document or other text creation. Now, PDF is used for many things, including art. Most eBooks need to be made in the PDF format to ensure most people can download and read it. A PDF reader is typically free; the client can download it and read your eBook without spending more.

MP3 for audio files is important. Nearly any computer without any additional software can play MP3. Windows offers a media player that accepts MP3 files. You typically copy them to a removable drive to listen to the MP3 files in the car, iPod or other device. You want any music you have to sell to be in MP3 format since it is the standard for digital download products.

Compressing Files: The Secret to Selling Digital Downloads

Compressing any digital file you have helps you sell it. This is one of the greatest secrets to selling digital download products. A compressed file has been zipped, making the file size smaller than it would normally be. A smaller file is going to be more attractive to clients because it leaves them more space for another digital download they might want.

Security of your Digital Download Products

Anytime you sell a product online that could be pirated, ensure you have the right security. Digital downloads with serial numbers or register keys prevent items from being pirated. The right shopping cart software allows you to use serial numbers or keys.

Availability of Your Products

Digital downloads have the marketability to be immediately available. Don’t overlook this advantage. Instead, make certain you display this message loud and clear on your site to ensure your clients come to you for a CD, eBook or other digital download. Also, have products that your clients want.

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