How to Sell Books Without a Publisher

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Are you tired of courting publishing houses and literary agents? Often, it can seem like the real work begins after you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into finishing your manuscript. The changing face of the publishing industry makes it harder than ever to be noticed, and even more difficult to earn the money you deserve. Securing a publishing contract usually means collecting mere pennies on the dollar for each sale, and requires you to forfeit near total control over your work. For many authors, learning how to sell books independently is a far better option.

How to Sell Books in a Changing Industry

Not so long ago, self-publishing was an expensive and difficult endeavor. You needed thousands of dollars to invest, with no guarantee of earning back any money at all. Financing a small first run could be all but impossible for authors with minimal startup capital, and selling those books could be a real challenge. Today, everything has changed. Learning how to sell books in the modern landscape isn’t so difficult, and is far less expensive. In fact, with the right tools and services, you can get started for almost nothing at all. The only thing you need is a finished product, and a strong business plan.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to sell your work in eBook form. You don’t even need an expensive website custom-built for your business. A free blog site or even a social media account can be just as effective. With an eCommerce platform to streamline the basic needs and daily operations of your new venture, you’re able to figure out how to sell books on a large scale to readers around the world with next to no startup investment.

Digital Sales: How to Sell Books Digitally

With so many different eReader brands on the market, it’s smart to offer your work in a variety of file formats. You don’t want your readers forced to attempt file conversion themselves, which can damage your careful formatting and editing. For the same reason, it’s often smarter and more effective to run your own webstore than to rely upon proprietary device marketplaces. The best plans in the pricing structure will often require exclusivity agreements, meaning you’re only able to sell your books through one store to the owners of one device. Reaching more customers means higher sales figures, more money and a larger reader base.

With a strong support system, you can learn how to sell books and start earning money in no time at all. Look for systems with built-in marketing tools, like affiliate networks, which will help you expand your reach immediately. With a bit of effort and dedication, you have the potential to become the next big self-publishing success story.

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