How to Sell Books Without a Publisher or Agent

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Have you ever wished you could learn how to sell books without losing creative control over your work, or a significant portion of your sales revenue? Thanks to the explosive popularity of eReader devices and smartphones with dedicated reading apps, you can do just that by choosing to self-publish and sell online. These days, authors with a willingness to self-promote can establish lucrative businesses, retaining all of their profits without sacrificing the rights to or creative control over their work. When you learn how to sell books as digital products, you can bypass the traditional publishing model to become an independent sales success.

How to Sell Books as Digital Products

Self-publishing was once an option only for authors with the start-up capital necessary to fund printing, marketing and store placement themselves. This substantial up-front investment created a system in which reaching profitability was greatly delayed, and sometimes never reached. While the self-publishing model of the past made it difficult to break even, the rise in digital products has created a new area of opportunity. Now, learning how to sell books independently with almost no overhead isn’t just a possibility; it’s downright easy.

Most authors new to self-publishing tend to choose a proprietary eBook marketplace, like Amazon’s Kindle store, to start their sales journey. While this can be a great way to make sales while gaining exposure, it’s important to carefully consider all the options. Some plans require exclusivity agreements, which means you may be limiting your sales potential. While you’ll be able to benefit from placement within a popular eBook marketplace, you’ll only be able to reach owners of a single device. In most cases, it’s better to choose non-exclusive plans through major marketplaces in addition to starting your own web store.

Starting a Web Store to Sell Your Books

Learning how to sell books through your own web store doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or prohibitively expensive. In fact, when you work with a dedicated eCommerce service, setting up your store can be the easiest part of your new business venture. Services like allow you to reap all of the same benefits offered by major marketplaces without the exclusivity agreements or royalty sharing systems. You’re able to enjoy secure file hosting and easy payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, along with built-in marketing tools which boost visibility. Your customers gain access to their newly-purchased eBooks immediately, with no wait. Best of all, your business operates on your terms. Don’t give the lion’s share of your profits to a publishing company or a literary agent; get started learning how to sell books online today, and start your own self-publishing Internet empire.

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