How to Sell Books without a Publisher

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Maybe you’re sitting on a completed manuscript, or maybe you’ve just started working on your first draft. One thing is certain, though: you need to take the next step toward advancing your writing career. This means you’ll need to be capable of making informed decisions, particularly when it comes to how your work is sold and distributed.

Traditional publishing contracts do give you access to a network of professional marketing, editing and cover design teams, but they come at a high cost. By the time the publishing company and your literary agent take their cut, you’ll likely be earning mere pennies from each sale. You’ll also fork over a considerable amount of creative and marketing control. What if there were a way you could keep more of your earnings and maintain control over your work, your brand and your career as a whole? Self-publishing allows you to do just that, and it’s easier than ever before.

How to Sell Books in Digital Form

Not so long ago, self-publishing was an uphill climb with a relatively slim chance for success. Aspiring authors were forced to finance the entire first printing run on their own, then hope they were able to move enough to recoup costs. Distribution was a challenge, as was large-scale marketing. Digital publishing has changed the game completely, though.

Today, you’re able to perfect your manuscript, publish it in a variety of digital formats and start your own web store for distribution on even the smallest budget when you partner with a high-quality eCommerce platform like

Streamlining Your Operation with Strategic Partnerships

Self-publishing means you’re in the driver’s seat, but it also means you bear all the responsibility for marketing, payment processing and order fulfillment. This is where a strong eCommerce platform really shines, because it allows you to streamline and consolidate everything under a single digital umbrella. Your eBooks are hosted securely to keep them protected, then immediately delivered to your customers through automated order fulfillment immediately upon completion of a transaction. Those transactions are managed through seamless integration with payment processing services you and your customers already trust, like PayPal.

You’ll even have access to risk-free marketing you only pay for when it results in a sale through built-in affiliate marketing networks. With simple cut-and-paste HTML code, you can turn almost anything into a fully-functioning sales portal with a system that does all the work for you, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters: your next masterpiece.

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