How to Sell Books Online without a Big Investment

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You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into finishing your manuscript, but what comes next? This is where you have to decide if you want to take your chances with the traditional publishing industry, or brave the world of online self-publishing. Not so long ago, acting as your own publisher required an enormous financial risk. Authors had to pay for the first run of printing and any promotion out of pocket, in hopes they’d recoup their expenses. These days, the barrier to entry is a bit lower and you can get started on even the very smallest budget. You just need to choose a system which works for you, rather than one which leaves you with minimal control and only a fraction of your earnings.

Exploring Online Publishing Options to Sell Books Online Effectively

Unless you’ve already invested a bit of time into researching your digital publishing options, you may think major eReader retailers with proprietary marketplaces are your only option. While it’s true these eBook clearinghouses provide a certain level of convenience, this convenience comes at quite a price.

In order to collect the highest percentage of your earnings through the largest eBook marketplaces, you’ll almost certainly need to accept a user agreement which includes forfeiting the right to sell your work through other avenues, even your own website. You may also be expected to surrender must of your control over pricing to the corporate body overseeing digital publishing. Less restrictive plans do exist and can be lucrative, but it’s best to pair non-exclusive placement with sales through your very own web store.

This will allow you to not only control pricing across multiple outlets, but also to reach a wider potential audience pool. If you publish exclusively through even the largest eBook marketplace, you’ll only be able to reach readers who own a specific device or app, and who are located within specified geographic regions.

What if there were a way you could harness all the convenience offered by a major digital clearinghouse without sacrificing control and a substantial chunk of your earnings? With a high-quality eCommerce platform, this is absolutely an attainable goal.

How eCommerce Platforms Support New Authors

You have a limited amount of funding to invest, so it’s vital you get the most out of every penny. Comprehensive eCommerce platforms like make it easy for you to launch your career as an author, no matter how little you have to invest. Turn a free blog site or an inexpensive DIY template website into a sales portal where you can easily sell books online, all with easy cut-and-paste HTML linking. Harness the power of automated download delivery and secure file hosting, paired with payment processing tools you already know and trust.

After endless hours of writing, editing and final polishing, you can turn your manuscript into a professional eBook download available for sale in a matter of moments. Get started today, and take charge of your career.

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