How to Sell Books on Your Terms

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Have you ever wondered how to sell books on a purely independent level? When you take charge of your own career, you’re never forced to accept mere pennies from each sale, to surrender creative control over to a team of editors or forfeit the reprinting rights to your own work. You stay in the driver’s seat, so you make all the decisions. It’s also not as expensive to get started as you likely believe. You don’t need a large startup budget, an expensive custom website or a host of costly, complex online sales tools. When you choose the right systems from the beginning, a small budget is never a problem.

How to Sell Books: Tricks of the Trade

When you’re figuring out how to sell books in your own web store, it’s important to have a basic understanding of all the tools you need. First and foremost, you need a payment processing system you and your customers can trust. Systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are trusted by vendors and buyers alike, used around the world and capable of streamlining your transactions substantially. Using one of these services means you never have to process a payment manually, so you’re never exposing your customers’ sensitive financial information to potential identity theft. While how you get paid is essential, it’s still not the only tool you need. Your files must be hosted securely. Your content must be delivered to customers immediately upon completing a transaction. Because no one can by a product when they don’t even know it exists, you’ll also need effective marketing tools.

Streamlining all of these processes may seem like a daunting task, but that’s where a strong eCommerce platform service steps in to save the day. Services like seamlessly integrate PayPal and Google Wallet, provide file hosting you can trust while also automating content delivery. High-end services even include access to risk-free marketing through built-in affiliate networks.

Boosting the Signal: How to Sell Books with Affiliate Marketing

When you partner with an eCommerce platform which includes access to affiliate networks, you’re eliminating one of the most potentially risky and complicated aspects of learning how to sell books: prepaid marketing. Banner ads and sponsored social media posts cost money. They’re not cheap, but they’re also not guaranteed to work. You will spend just as much on a failed campaign as you will on an effective one, which leaves you in a difficult position if you’re working with a small budget.

Integrated affiliate networks allow you to access powerful marketing tools you pay for only when they’re effective. Because your affiliates essentially work on commission, you only spend money when they make a sale for you. This means there’s no risk, no lost money and no gambling with your small startup budget. Take advantage of all the tools offered to you by a quality eCommerce platform, and you’ll see that learning how to sell books can be easy, rewarding and stress-free.

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