How to Sell Books, No Agent Required

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Have you been trying to learn how to sell books without sharing a percentage of your profits with a literary agent? Does the idea of earning only pennies from each sale leave you looking for an alternative? The explosive popularity of eReader devices makes self-publishing success easier and more attainable than ever. All you need is a basic understanding of all your independent sales options, and the tools to strike out on your own. Before you take advantage of direct publishing options offered by proprietary eReader device markets or start sending out query letters, take some time to explore the choices available. You just might find running your own web store preferable to all other options, provided you have the right tools for the job.

How to Sell Books on a Small Budget

Before eReader devices made eBooks such a popular and easily produced product, self-publishing was an expensive and difficult process. You had to be able to fund the first printing run before you ever sold a copy of your book, then set aside a substantial portion of your profits to fund a second run. Today, intangible digital products have changed the game entirely. You’re able to produce a single copy of your book in electronic format, sell it an infinite number of times and never fork over your profits to a publisher or agent. The key to keeping more of your profits and control over your brand is to stay wholly independent, though.

Working with a direct publishing system through a proprietary marketplace often comes with the same drawbacks of traditional publishing, but few of the perks. In order to collect the highest percentage of your earnings, you’ll need to choose plans which severely limit your ability to sell outside that particular marketplace and set your own prices. If you want to learn how to sell books in your own web store without a major startup budget, you’ll need to consider valuable tools offered by eCommerce service providers. A system like is designed to help you launch you career, no matter the size of your budget, while staying in control and keeping more of your money.

Learning How to Sell Books in Your Own Web Store

When it comes to independent sales, you’ll have to learn how to sell books with your own infrastructure. You’ll need trustworthy, reliable and recognized payment processing, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your eBooks will need secure hosting, and your customers will demand instant access to the files they’ve purchased. This means you’ll either need to manage a large number of disparate accounts and services. The alternative is to work with an eCommerce provider who makes it easy to turn a free blog site or inexpensive template site into a high-value sales portal while seamlessly integrating PayPal, Google Wallet and content delivery. High-quality services will even give you access to affiliate networks, which help you learn how to sell books with marketing assistance you don’t have to pay for up front. Get started today, and explore your digital self-publishing options. Success could be just around the corner.

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