How to Sell Books in Your Own Web Store

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Are you ready to find out how to sell books without a publisher, once and for all? There are so many different options available to authors seeking to publish online, but they’re not all created equal. In fact, if you’re interested in self-publishing primarily as a means of retaining control while keeping a greater share of your earnings, a managed sales system provided by major eBook retailers may be the option least suited to your plans. Before you invest time and effort into a proprietary eBook marketplace tied to a popular eReader device, take some time to explore your options. The greatest measure of freedom and the highest percentage of your earnings may come from the place you’d least expect.

How to Sell Books without Corporate Support

For many authors flirting with the idea of self-publishing, the idea of total independence from corporate interests is quite appealing. What many don’t realize, however, is just how much a direct publishing option through eReader marketplaces can curb their independence.

When exploring how to sell books in a managed eReader device store, take some time to carefully read through contract agreements. Many of the most popular eBook clearinghouse markets require you to surrender full control over your work, from pricing to distribution, in exchange for the highest percentage of your own earnings. You may not be working with a major publishing company when you choose to publish direct to an eBook marketplace, but you’re still being controlled by corporate structures. Fortunately, dedicated eCommerce platforms like make it easy to start and maintain your own web store, even on a tiny budget.

Learning How to Sell Books Independently

Working with a high-quality eCommerce platform gives you both the support and the freedom you need to figure out how to sell books online in a manner which works for you, your brand and your customers. You can turn a low-cost, easy-to-create template site into your sales portal, or even a free blog site. Payments are processed through names both you and your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files are hosted securely, and instantly delivered to your buyers immediately upon completing a transaction. Choose the right platform, and you’ll even have access to built-in affiliate networks designed to boost your marketing power without breaking the bank.

Instead of investing heavily in prepaid banner ads and sponsored social media posts, you’re able to connect with marketing partners who only get paid when they close a sale. A tiny portion of the proceeds from each sale driven by an affiliate is diverted to them, so you’re only paying for marketing when it works and you’re never left to determine how much your affiliates should be earning. Let a strong eCommerce system help you learn how to sell books on your terms. Launch your own eBook or audio book web store today.

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