How to Sell Books in PDF Format

Sell Books Online

Books are one of the most popular items people buy as digital downloads. Gone are the days of bringing one book with you read on the plane or bus when you travel; now people can bring their whole library with them in their tablets. If you are looking for a way to make money with your writing talent, you can easily create your own eBooks by converting Word documents into PDF format that can be sold online. Here is how to sell books online using software you already have on your home computer.

Converting Books From Word to PDF

If you want to learn how to sell books over the internet, you first must convert your books into digital downloads. Most eBooks are in PDF format that is easy to create. If you wrote your book in MS Word, you won’t need Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF; you can do it right from within the Word software. To save your document as a PDF, go to the file option and choose “save as”. You can choose where to save your file and you can also change the file type. Under file type, choose PDF. There are also option to save for online publishing.

eBooks are usually formatted smaller to fit tablets. The standard is 5.5” x 8.5”. You should also include a title, index and copyright page at the beginning and make sure your pages are numbered. Don’t forget to create a cover page that will attract buyers.

How to Sell Books for Profit

Once your book is in PDF form, you can sell it as a digital download. Some people will pay to have an ISBN assigned to their book so it can be sold on major book retail sites, but it is not mandatory. Once your book is ready to market, you need to make sure you are set up to take payment through a major processing outfit like Paypal. You also need to ensure that when people buy your book that they automatically receive it as a digital download. Sound complicated? It doesn’t need to be if you hire an eCommerce service like

An eCommerce service gives you access to all the tools you need to sell your PDF books. They will show you how to sell books as part of their service. You simply upload your books onto their digital store and give them your account information and you are ready to start making money! They offer safe payment processing of all your book sales and will securely deliver your book download to your customers, 24/7. You can even use their service to sell your book through your social media pages, eBay auctions and on any other website you use to promote your books.

Learning how to sell books has never been easier now that you can do it right from your own home computer. Start making money with your PDF books today!

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