How to Sell Books in a Saturated Market

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Do concerns about saturation in the eBook market leave you wondering if self-publishing is the right choice? While it may seem as if every new author is opting for independent release, there are ways to make sure your work stands out from the crowd. Before you decide to surrender a large portion of your earnings, a substantial amount of creative control and your future republishing rights to a major publisher, consider working independently with a comprehensive business plan.

Learning How to Sell Books Independently

The first step to learning how to sell books without depending on corporate interests and whims is to realize that some of the more popular self-publishing methods can come with the same limits on control and profits. Major eBook marketplaces, especially the proprietary markets tied to popular devices, tend to offer a number of options for self-publishing to their stores. The options which allow authors to collect the greatest percentage of their earnings also come with some caveats. These may include surrendering control over eBook pricing, or exclusivity agreements which forbid selling through other outlets.

For authors just figuring out how to sell eBooks themselves, the best and most effective option is often to run your own web store. You can still sell your work through proprietary marketplaces, but you’ll need to choose non-exclusive distribution options.

Running your own store may sound like a daunting task, but this certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Working with a high-end eCommerce platform like allows you to save money, time and effort while building your brand. These services manage every aspect of transaction processing and content delivery, and can even offer a marketing boost through included affiliate network access. In the end, this is often the best choice for self-published authors.

Marketing: the Key to Success for Independent Authors

When you choose to self-publish, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to every aspect of your brand, from content release dates to marketing plans. The latter can make or break your business, because you will not be able to sell even the best eBook if no one knows it exists.

In addition to taking full advantage of marketing tools offered through your chosen eCommerce provider, it’s wise to understand your target audience. Consider sending advance copies to your favorite book bloggers for review purposes, free of charge. A single positive review written by a blogger with a substantial following can generate hundreds or even thousands of sales. Get your work out there, promote it relentlessly and engage with your customers. Maintain a social media presence. Build a network of other authors, and work together to promote one another. With a strong support system and the right service providers in your corner, learning how to sell eBooks successfully can be a much more rewarding and exciting experience than you ever imagined.

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