How to Sell Book and Audiobook Files Online

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Are you looking for a way to set yourself apart from the competition without sacrificing your profits and control to a major publishing company? It’s easier, less expensive and potentially far more lucrative than you might imagine to sell book and audio book files in your own independent web store. All you need are the right tools for the job, and a basic understanding of the most popular online self-publishing options.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Mass Retailer to Sell Book Products

For many new authors, the most obvious route to success seems to be the proprietary mass markets tied to popular eReader devices. While this can give you access to a captive audience, you may find you’re left with little more control over your product and earning power than if you’d chosen a traditional publisher.

In order to collect the greatest percentage of your profits from mass eBook marketplaces, you’re typically forced to agree to exclusivity restrictions which keep you from offering your work through any other outlet. There’s limited to no support for audiobook files, and you’ll lose control over the pricing of your work. For authors with a vested interest in maintaining full control an independence, however, there is a better way.

What You Need to Sell Book and Audiobook Files in Your Own Web Store

You don’t need an expensive website custom-built for your business by a professional web designer, nor do you need complex and costly sales tools. In fact, you can turn a free blog site or an inexpensive template site you build yourself into a highly effective portal. The trick lies in choosing a dedicated eCommerce platform designed for seamless integration. Services like make it easy to turn almost any online space into a web store, all while providing you with access to the tools you need to help your business thrive.

Payments are automatically processed through names you and your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. You’ll have access to secure file hosting, along with automated digital order fulfillment, which ensures your buyers never wait for their products to be delivered. To help you boost visibility without spending your entire marketing budget on prepaid ads, high-quality eCommerce service providers will even include access to affiliate marketing networks.

Don’t let major corporations, publishers and retailers control your career. Sell book and audio book files in a totally independent store you built and maintain yourself!

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