How to Sell Book and Audio Book Products Online

How to Sell Books

Traditional publishing might be the most reliable way of seeing your book in print on the shelves of a major book chain, but it’s not the best fit for everyone. Working with a publishing company means sacrificing a substantial amount of creative and financial control, all things you can avoid by publishing independently in digital form. Direct publishing to the proprietary marketplaces tied to popular devices may not be all it seems, either. For many authors, the best and most effective option is a purely independent venture. Getting started is easier than you think; you could be set up to sell book and audio book files, or almost anything else you can imagine, in a matter of hours.

Why Should I Sell Book Files On My Own?

While some authors do well under the traditional publishing system, it’s far from ideal for all authors. This is particularly true for niche and genre fiction authors, who are often overlooked altogether by publishers looking for a wide-appeal hit. Those who do find publishing contracts can find themselves stripped of a surprising amount of creative control over their own work during the editing process, only to earn pennies from each sale if they’re lucky. In the end, successful authors can make money for publishers, editors and marketing teams without seeing much of the revenue they’ve created.

When you choose to sell book files on your own, you are assuming a substantial amount of work. In exchange for assuming all the responsibility, though, you’ll also find yourself calling all the shots and keeping all the profits. For many, this trade-off is well worth any hassle. Fortunately, there are also tool and service providers who help you eliminate some of the work while retaining all of the control. Comprehensive systems like make it easy to take control of your destiny without relying upon massive eBook marketplaces, whose terms are often as restrictive as those set forth by publishing companies.

Getting Started

When you choose to work with an eCommerce platform, you’re able to automate and streamline payment processing, file hosting, download delivery and even some marketing tasks. This means you’re already free to spend more time focusing on what you do best: telling stories. Once your eBook or audiobook files are uploaded to your very own web store, the system manages your business for you. Payments come in, are processed and files are delivered without any action required on your part. Whether you’re in the middle of a rough draft or putting the finishing touches on an edit, you’re never interrupted to fulfill orders or manually process payments. Get started today, and find out just how easy it can be to start your own empire.

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