How to Sell Book and Audio Book Files Yourself

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Do you want to manage your own writing career, but don’t know how to fund your own web store? Financing a high-end, custom web site built by a professional to include complex sales features is a difficult proposition for many new authors. It’s also usually an unnecessary expense. You can sell book and audio book files in digital format online with a small start-up budget. All you need is a basic understanding of some powerful but simple sales tools. Find out how you can launch your web store, and why independent sales is almost always a better option than working with established proprietary device marketplaces.

Why It’s Better to Sell Book Products Yourself

For many new authors just starting their independent careers believe it’s easier and more profitable to partner with established eBook marketplaces for publishing. Working with some of the most popular and recognized systems means sacrificing a great deal of control, though. The appeal of self-publishing is the ability to stay in control of pricing, marketing and promotional sales while keeping a greater share of the profits over traditional publishing. Using a mass eBook marketplace isn’t always a vast improvement over the traditional model in this regard. Plans which offer the greatest share of profits often come with strings attached and exclusivity agreements. You won’t be able to sell book files or audio book versions of your work through any other avenues, nor will the pricing of your eBooks be within your control. You can’t offer promotional pricing, but the marketplace can lower the cover price at a whim. Most of these systems also lack the infrastructure to offer audio books, so you’re missing out on a large segment of your potential audience.

Total eCommerce platform solutions give you all the convenience of managed marketplace sales, with none of the strings. Use a system like to set up your very own web store, and you’re perfectly positioned to sell book products with total independence. Best of all, you don’t need a large startup fund to launch your career.

Benefits of Using an eCommerce System to Sell Book and Audio Book Files

A large part of the appeal of managed sales through a mass marketplace is sheer convenience and ease of operation. Payments are automatically processed, files are hosted securely and instantly delivered to your buyers. There’s even a small measure of exposure with recommendations and marketplace listings. This convenience comes at a price, though, and isn’t exclusive to a mass marketplace.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms combine all the best features of a marketplace, with none of the drawbacks. Trusted payment processing tools like PayPal and Google Wallet are seamlessly integrated into the system, so you never have to worry about how your customers pay for their products. Automated content delivery eliminates the need for manual order fulfillment. You can even boost the signal with low-cost marketing through affiliate network access. Since you can use easy cut-and-paste HTML linking to turn a free blog site and social media profiles into sales portals, there’s no need for a custom web site. For the vast majority of authors, this is the single best way to sell book, audio book and other files online.

Get your store started today, and start earning money while building a lucrative, rewarding career.

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