How to Sell Book and Audio Book Files Online

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What’s holding you back from self-publishing and running your own web store? Concerns about cost, labor and complexity often keep promising content creators from feeling like they can successfully sell book and audio book files independently, but these concerns are often baseless. The key to success is knowing which tools and services matter, and which are actually unnecessary expenses. The largest expense, a custom sales website built by a professional designer, is one of the least important features and often one of the worst investments you can make. Building your business around more economical and efficient systems can make all the difference, and they’re easier to obtain than you think.

The Tools You Need to Sell Book Products Successfully

Whether you’re planning to sell book or audio book files, or both, there are a few universal needs which must be met. First, it’s absolutely vital to provide payment processing systems both you and your customers can trust. Systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are ideal, because they’re used by online buyers and merchants around the world and feature built-in protections you simply can’t provide with manual credit card processing. Second, you’ll need file hosting which keeps your products secure. Since today’s customers are not accustomed to waiting for digital goods, you’ll also want to make sure you’re able to automate content delivery.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like seamlessly integrate all of these features, from PayPal and Google Wallet support to file hosting and order fulfillment. If you’re able to cut and paste simple HTML, you’re able to forgo the expensive custom website altogether, opting instead for an inexpensive template site you build yourself or even a free blog site. Choose the right service, and you’ll also have access to powerful, built-in marketing tools which help you increase visibility and sales without risking what funding you have on questionable prepaid marketing.

How Affiliate Networks Help You Sell Book and Audio Files 

Prepaid ads, including sponsored social media posts, are essentially an expensive gamble. You spend money up front to promote your brand, but have no way of guaranteeing the effectiveness of those ads. Your target audience might click on your ad and ultimately make a purchase, or they may scroll right past your costly post. Affiliate networks, especially those built in to high-quality eCommerce systems, take the risk and the guesswork out of advertising. You’re connected with affiliates who actively work to sell book and audio files for you, in exchange for a small portion of the proceeds. Essentially working on commission, your affiliates only get paid when they make a sale. This means you only pay for marketing when it works; no risk, no gamble.

Launch your web store today. Sell book products in your very own store, cutting out the traditional publishers and restrictive proprietary eBook marketplaces.

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