How to Sell Beats Online and Stand Out from the Crowd

Sell Tracks Online

For music producers with experience creating beats, the next logical step is learning how to sell beats in order to make money and to begin building an industry presence. Many producers will give away their products before they begin to actually sell beats, and while this can be an effective way to build buzz, it’s not sustainable from a business standpoint. In order to justify the amount of time spent on a product which does have value and should be treated as such, it’s important for producers and beatmakers to start looking for the best ways of monetizing their talents.

How to Sell Beats Online: Tools and Services

In order to build your reputation and expand your audience reach, you’ll need to start working to increase your web presence. This means establishing a social media presence, interacting with others within the industry and setting up a website with a memorable URL to serve as a central online hub for your work.

This is where many producers make their first mistake: their professional websites. All too often, talented beatmakers invest far more than they should on a website which requires constant maintenance due to the presence of shopping cart, payment processing and file hosting capabilities, or they skip this step altogether in order to save money. Many are surprised to learn that they can build a fully functioning site without the sales pages for less money, then opt for ecommerce platform integration through cut-and-paste HTML linking.

Ecommerce platforms and services streamline all of the most pressing and most time-consuming aspects of online sales, automating them for ease of use and customer satisfaction. Part of learning how to sell beats is learning how to keep your customers happy, and giving them access to the products they’ve purchased immediately upon transaction completion is vital. You’ll also need to offer payment processing through secure, trusted avenues like PayPal or Google Wallet. Services like, for instance, streamline all of these operations while also including valuable promotion and marketing tools to merchants.

Marketing to Sell Beats

The best and most infectious tracks will languish if no one is able to hear them, or aware of their existence. As an independent producer, the responsibility for marketing and promotion will be your own. Upload short samples to social media pages and streaming video sites, and take time to come up with interesting ways of promoting yourself.

With the right tools and services, along with a dedication to marketing your products, you can figure out how to sell beats in a manner which works best for you and your business.


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