How to Sell Beats on PayPal to Build Your Musical Brand

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From the most family-friendly pop single to the most underground hip-hop tracks, what does most of today’s music have in common? Programmed beats and backing tracks. If you’re an experienced musician who has the ability to create beat tracks, you’re in a position to earn money while grabbing the attention of listeners around the world. All you have to do is learn how to sell beats effectively, and you’ll be starting down the road to success.

How to Sell Beats: On PayPal and Common Misconceptions

In order to learn how to sell beats effectively, you’ll have to rid yourself of erroneous assumptions borne out of common misconceptions. First, you don’t need a custom website with credit card processing, file hosting or download automation capabilities to get started. In fact, you can use a free blog site and your social networking presence in the beginning. Second, PayPal doesn’t actually handle your daily business operations.

As one of the world’s most trusted and well-known ways to pay and get paid online, PayPal is a crucial service for any online merchant. They take the risk and guesswork out of online transactions, protecting you and your customers. What they don’t do, though, is offer any of the other important services you’ll need in order to make sales. PayPal does not offer file hosting, automated content delivery or many marketing tools. Therefore, the first lesson in how to sell beats is that PayPal is vital, but it’s not the only tool you need.

Building a Business Plan to Sell Beats

When you sell beats online, your customer base will be primarily comprised of other musicians. More than even the average customer, these clients will expect instant access to the beat tracks they’ve purchased, a secure payment system and a quick, painless experience. This is where a trusted ecommerce platform service provider comes to the rescue.

With a system like, you’re able to automate almost every aspect of your sales experience. Your customers can pay through trusted processing services like PayPal and Google Wallet, obtain their tracks immediately and benefit from buyer protection programs through their chosen payment processing service. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your clients are never waiting for a download link, and aren’t forced to hand over their sensitive information in order to make a purchase.

When you’re learning how to sell beats, don’t fall into the trap of believing you need far more, or far fewer tools than are actually necessary. Research ecommerce platform options to find the right one for your business, and take some of the worry out of operating your own business.

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