How to Sell Beats: On Paypal and Ecommerce Solutions

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For many producers and musicians, choosing to sell beats can be a lucrative career decisions. Getting your start in the music industry as a beatmaker is a great way to establish your name while building contacts and a fan base, but first you must learn how to sell beats on PayPal or other payment processing platforms with the help of dedicated ecommerce solutions.

What You Should Know About How to Sell Beats On PayPal

If you’ve purchased digital goods online and paid for those products through PayPal, it’s easy to mistakenly believe PayPal is the driving force behind the transaction. In addition to being one of the most recognizable names in payment processing around the world, PayPal is also often the last stop before online buyers gain access to digital goods.

If you’re planning to sell beats, it’s vital to understand the role PayPal plays in the entire process. You may be surprised to learn just how small a role PayPal plays in the grand scheme of things, despite being such a crucial tool for merchants.

PayPal only processes payments, similar to a bank or other financial institution, but with added protections for buyers. Your customers are able to submit their PayPal account information to you, rather than sensitive financial identifiers. They’re also afforded a layer of buyer protection in case of fraud. As a seller, you benefit from PayPal in several ways. First, the stressful task of processing payments is handled automatically, freeing you from the liability associated with handling credit card or banking information. Second, you’re able to simply sit back and collect the proceeds from each sale with no effort of your own, leaving you with more time to focus on the best ways to make and sell beats. Unfortunately, this is where PayPal functionality ends.

Ecommerce Platform Support and How to Sell Beats Successfully

The modern online customer demands immediate access to their files, and not meeting these expectations can be damaging to your brand reputation. Part of learning how to sell beats is learning how to meet buyer expectations as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is were ecommerce platform services come in handy. Systems like are built to pick up where PayPal leaves off while fully integrating its trusted payment processing capabilities, in addition to offering support through other secure service providers like Google Wallet.

When you start building your business plan and preparing to sell beats, make sure you’re factoring in the vital need for secure file hosting, automated content delivery and trusted payment processing. With a great product, a dedication to marketing and the right tools on your side, you can sell beats and earn money while building your fan base around the world.


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