How to Sell Beats on Paypal

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Music is your life and creating incredible beats is your talent, so why not get paid for doing what you love? Of course, becoming a big name in the music business is not easy, but that does not mean you can’t make it happen. The first step to start to sell beats online to make a name for yourself and to start making money right away.

Selling beats is a big business, especially in today’s music industry. There are many different genres and artists that are always looking for the best beats to pair with their vocals. If your talent is creating new, innovative beats, you can sell those beats on Paypal and get paid for your music in real-time.

Learning How to Sell Beats

You know how to create beats, but do you know how to sell them? Obviously the quickest way to get your beats out to the world is through online exposure. However, you want to make sure that your beats are sold, not taken. Learning how to sell beats is more than just marketing; it is taking the steps to ensure that your beats are secure and carefully sold through legitimate sources like Paypal.

First, are you trying to sell your beats exclusively or lease your beats? While you can charge more for exclusive rights to your beats, you are limiting each of your beats to one sale. Instead, to start building a reputation, getting your beats out to as many artists as possible is usually the best way to build your business. You can sell the same beats dozens of times or more, making the same money as you would selling exclusively.

Second, you need a marketing plan and a way to get your payment through Paypal. While setting up a Paypal account is easy, you need a secure and safe way to deliver your beats and receive payment through your Paypal account. You also need marketing to ensure your beats are getting in front of the right audience.

Marketing and Payment for Selling Beats

So how do you get your beats out to the artists that need them? You can spend a small fortune getting your own website and digital marketing plan, but not everyone has those kind of resources. A better way to sell beats without a large investment is to use an eCommerce service to market and sell your beats for you.

eCommerce services like make it easy to sell digital goods like beats online. You can create a sales page on their website that already has a great audience and new traffic. They handle the secure, instant delivery of your beats while collecting your payment through a Paypal shopping cart that puts the money directly into your account. You can link your sales eCommerce page to your social media pages, YouTube and any other online sources to get the most exposure. Having the reputable option of paying through Paypal will help promote your name and build your business selling beats online.

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