How to Sell Beats on PayPal

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Synthesized beat tracks are crucial to vocalists in the pop, hip hop and R&B genres, which leaves room for many creative producers to earn money while boosting their brand image by selling beats. While this can be a very lucrative career path, figuring out how to break into the music industry isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there is a way for talented musicians to build a career, along with a name for themselves, by learning how to market and sell their work.

Sell Beats: On PayPal, Ecommerce Platforms and Online Sales

Because PayPal is one of the most recognized and respected names in online payment processing, it’s not uncommon for new merchants with limited sales experience to assume it’s the only tool they need. Actually, selling beats or any other digital product requires a few different tools and services in order to maintain an efficient business.

Today’s customer brings fairly high expectations to the table when they make purchases online, especially when they’re purchasing digital goods. Among them, the expectation of receiving digital products immediately upon completing a transaction, and access to secure methods of payment processing they trust and with which they feel safe, like PayPal. Still, merchants can’t actually sell beats on PayPal to the exclusion of all other services. Even with manual order fulfillment and sales alert monitoring, PayPal doesn’t maintain a centralized product shopping center or marketplace listings.

To effectively build and market an online business, an ecommerce platform like is a necessity. These services not only seamlessly integrate PayPal, among other payment sources, but also provide secure content hosting, listing in a popular marketplace and automated content delivery.

How to Sell Beats

While the practical management of an online store is important, most of the more demanding and tedious tasks can be managed easily through the seller tools provided by a quality ecommerce platform. This leaves the equally crucial work of marketing and promotions to merchants. Though a great ecommerce platform will also offer access to an affiliate network which helps to expand a beatmaker’s reach, self-promotion through social media and building connections is vital to the success of a venture which focuses on selling beats.

Email signature lines, social media profiles and blogs can all become sales portals for the enterprising merchant who chooses to sell beats with simple, cut-and-paste HTML codes which redirect to a sales page managed by an ecommerce platform. Getting the word out about your products and actively working to increase your reach can help you to be more successful while building a stronger brand image and larger following online. With the right sales tools and a carefully executed marketing plan, you can sell beats and establish yourself in the music industry while earning money.


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