How to Market Your eBooks for Sale

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As an author considering the benefits of self-publishing your work, you know that you can keep more of your earnings by choosing not to work within the traditional publishing model. How do you drive up sales figures enough to make real money, though? From the moment you release your eBooks for sale online, you’re establishing both your brand as an author and your own business. You want to reach new readers and inspire new fans, but you also want to earn money in exchange for all of your hard work. While there are a variety of tools at your disposal to help you increase your readership, the most important thing you can do to help your business grow is to invest your time and energy into marketing. By getting the word out about all the eBooks for sale through your own webstore, you can drive traffic to your products and increase sales.

Releasing Your eBooks for Sale: What You Need to Get Started

They say a single journey begins with a single step, and for new authors, that crucial first step is devising a strong business plan. You need great products, but you also need an efficient and effective business through which to sell those products. This is where an eCommerce platform can make a very real difference, right from beginning. Before you even make your first sale, a service provider like can streamline your business for optimum efficiency.

In order to sell digital products of any kind, you must be able to meet a few basic requirements. First, you’ll need a place to display your products, like a digital storefront. This gives your customers a place to not only purchase your eBooks for sale, but also to share with their own acquaintances for valuable word-of-mouth promotion. Of course, you’ll need secure hosting for your files to keep them protected, and a trusted means of processing payments. Systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are designed to facilitate online sales while protecting all involved parties, and are well regarded by most online buyers. Because your buyers will expect instant access to the eBooks they’ve purchased, automated content delivery is a must. A high-end eCommerce platform combines all of these crucial tools, with an added resource vital to your marketing plans: affiliate networks.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When it comes to marketing, too many authors and online merchants decide to invest a substantial amount of money into paid advertising. This can be effective, but the problem is that costs can be prohibitive for new merchants. Also, you’ll pay in advance for promotional posts and banner ads which may or may not actually drive sales to your web store. Affiliate networks, on the other hand, are one of the very best ways of tapping into an audience of potential readers far beyond the scope of your own organic reach. By partnering with affiliates who have the benefit of an existing audience, you’re able to gain valuable exposure. Your marketing affiliates only get paid when they make a sale for you, so they have a built-in incentive to promote your work. When you choose an eCommerce platform which includes affiliate network access among the tools and services offered to merchants, you can reap the benefits of an affiliate system without separate tools and accounts to monitor.

Don’t fall victim to expensive advertising schemes which may never drive enough traffic for you to see a return on the investment. Consider the many benefits of affiliate marketing, and get started on building your audience today.

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