How to Make Your First Photo Sale

Photo Sales

Are you a budding photographer? Or maybe you just can’t help taking a picture with your smartphone whenever you see a beautiful sunset or your dog making a funny face? If you love to take pictures, you could turn this hobby into a money making opportunity. There are thousands of photo sales every day online by people who are not professionally trained photographers. You too could be earning extra money from your photos – here is how to make that first photo sale.

Using a digital camera or smartphone, start taking clear, high quality photos. These can be anything from pictures of scenery to a slice of pizza – anything that catches your eye. The stock photo industry needs pictures of just about anything. Businesses and marketing companies buy these photos to create digital and print ads, websites and other publications. No one wants to use the same picture that their competitor are using, which is why unique photos for all different kinds of business are in high demand.

Once you have a nice selection of photos, save them to your computer in JPG or PDF form. You now have a starting inventory to begin selling your photos online. But how and where can you make that first photo sale? Start by signing up for an eCommerce service like

Easy Online Photo Sales

Services like PayLoadz make is simple to start making money in online photo sales. They have an online store where you can sell your photos and all you do is upload the photos to the site and PayLoadz does the rest. People can buy your photos right through their store using their shopping cart and PayLoadz will digitally deliver the photos upon payment. But you don’t have to only use the PayLoadz store; you can sell your photos from any other retail site and still use PayLoadz to process the sales and deliver your products. All you have to do is get your photos online and PayLoadz will do the rest. You can spend your time taking more pictures to make more money.

It is so easy to make that first photo sale when you have an eCommerce service to handle the online photo sales. In just a few days you could see that first deposit in your account for your new business. You can sell the same photos over and over, making unlimited earnings from just one batch of pictures. It is a great way to get paid for doing something you love.

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