How to Get Started Selling Software Independently

Software Sell

In the past, software designers who didn’t work for large corporations weren’t likely to see their product widely distributed. Today, both users and designers benefit by the ability to sell software online, as this booming industry allows for the creation and marketing of programs catering to a niche audience, which are all too often neglected by companies with a vested corporate interest in appealing to the widest possible audience.

What Designers Need to Build a Software Sales Empire Online

You know you need a great product, or a selection of great products, to make selling software a feasible option. Unless you’re well-versed in Internet sales and online marketing, though, you may not know what you need beyond your products in order to build a successful business.

In order ot sell software, you’ll need to make sure a few vital bases are covered. You need a blog, social media profile or website to promote your brand and serve as a sales portal. You also need the ability to process payments, access to secure file hosting and a system in place to facilitate efficient order fulfillment.

There are two misconceptions which can be detrimental to the average new software sales business: first, that you need a fully-functioning website with built-in ecommerce capability; second, that you don’t need anything beyond a payment processing account to make it work. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

It’s true that you don’t necessarily need a business website with credit card processing and online shopping cart capability. These sites are usually very expensive to build, and will require a substantial amount of maintenance. At the same time, prospective customers are more likely to purchase goods from sellers whom they perceive to be stable and reliable. This means you’ll need a web presence, but not necessarily a sales-capable site. The best solution for the vast majority of sellers is a comprehensive ecommerce solution. Systems like make it easy and affordable to get your software sales business started by combining file hosting, automated content delivery and secure payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet.

Selling Software Successfully

Choosing the right ecommerce solution is important, as is having a great product to offer your clients. An equally important but often overlooked consideration, marketing, can be the deciding factor in your success. You can’t sell a product to buyers who don’t know it exists, and this especially holds true for programs catering to a niche audience. Look for a sales solution which includes not only the sales basics, but also valuable tools like affiliate network access. With the right business plan and the right support systems, you can start selling software and making a profit without corporate backing.


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