How to Describe Your eBooks for Sale

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Unless your eBook is titled “How to Sell eBooks,” it is probably fair to assume that you are not an expert in digital marketing. That’s okay, though, as it makes you part of the majority of people who write eBooks for profit. When you have finished your masterpiece and are ready to sell eBooks, your work is only halfway done. Now you have to find a way to target your niche. As with most digitally downloaded content, you will want to quickly grab the attention of your audience. There are a number of ways you can achieve this – all of which you can combine for maximum return on your product.

Your eBook Title and Cover

The first description that your potential customers will see is your title, so make it a good one. Your title is what will initially pique the buyer’s interest; prompting them to want to know more about the content of your eBook. Make the title stand out, with a large easy to read font, which is a different color than the cover’s background. Make sure that any background images you use are high-quality and eye catching. As an extra cheat, you can also include a brief description on the cover so that the buyer doesn’t need to click through for a full description.

Sell eBooks with a Great Description

When you want to sell eBooks, your description is usually the deciding factor in whether potential customers will make a purchase or keep scrolling. A passionate, clear and concise description will tell the reader exactly what your eBook is about. However, if you are selling in a competitive market, you will still need to give the customer added incentive to buy. If you know your eBook has unique content, make sure that you let your potential customer know. Browse through eBooks, on sites such as PayLoadz, to see how other, successful sellers are generating interest in their eBooks. Remember, too, that your description is not set in stone. If you find that interest is lacking, tweak your description in order to increase traffic to your sales page.

How can Help?

Once you have written your eBook and are ready to take it to sale, PayLoadz effectively do the rest. We provide an eCommerce store where you can sell eBooks and or digitally downloadable products. When you upload your eBook, you can then choose from a list of categories that act as another form of describing your product. Most customers, when purchasing eBooks, will first choose by category. So make sure that you choose a category that accurately reflects the content of your eBook.

You can also check out other authors in your niche market, which will help you in deciding how much to charge for your eBook. When you sell eBooks, you want to ensure that it is neither under or over priced for the market you are selling to. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t get it right first time – with PayLoadz, you can instantly make improvements to your product and increase your sales!

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