How Subscription Downloads Stabilize Your Income

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As a business owner and operator, your primary goal is to earn money. What if there were a way you could build a reliable, predictable income in one simple step? Choosing a business model built around subscription downloads gives you this ability. When you know how many subscribers you have and how much they’re paying on a regular basis for access to your products, you can accurately determine how much you’ll earn during a given time period. As you add more subscribers, the cost only continues to increase. Managing even a very large number of subscribers doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. Working with payment processing systems like PayPal, which offer built-in recurring billing support, and a dedicated eCommerce platform makes it easy, efficient and rewarding.

What Can I Sell as Subscription Downloads?

While there are a handful of digital products which may be more challenging to market as a subscription, the vast majority are well-suited to this distribution model. Whether you’re self-publishing a serialized novel, writing a self-help seminar, offering instructional videos or building a seminar series, the sky really is the limit. All you need is a service platform, like, which helps you bring everything together.

Seamless PayPal subscription payment integration allows you to set up recurring billing on an automatic basis, so you’re never forced to spend hours sending individual invoices to your buyers. High-quality eCommerce platforms also allow you to set up content releases far in advance, so you’re able to schedule timed releases on an automated basis. By eliminating the need for manual billing and content distribution, the right set of tools and services allows you to spend more time marketing and promoting your business. In fact, a great eCommerce service provider will even offer you marketing assistance in the form of affiliate network access.

How Do Affiliate Networks Help Sell Subscription Downloads?

No matter how great your web comic, digital magazine or how-to series is, you’ll struggle to find real success if you’re not actively marketing your brand. After all, you can’t reach customers who aren’t aware of your products. Paid marketing can be a risky proposition for merchants just starting their businesses and who have limited startup capital.

The ideal solution is an affiliate network, which connects you with marketers eager to help promote your subscription downloads. You’re able to attract customers far beyond your own organic reach, and you only pay for marketing when it works. Your affiliates are given a special link to a product, and earn a small portion of the proceeds from each sale originating from that link. You’re not forced to invest in prepaid advertising or sponsored social media posts which may or may not have the desired effect, and your affiliates have an incentive to actively promote your business. Since high-end eCommerce platforms include affiliate access, you don’t even have to add an extra service or account attached to your business.

Get your subscription downloads business started today, and earn money while building a valuable digital brand.

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