How Subscription Downloads Boost Your Bottom Line

Sell Your Digital Items

Are you looking for a business model which will allow you to continue generating income? A loyal following of repeat customers can be one of the most lucrative assets you have as an online business owner, but how do you keep your buyers coming back for more? Subscription downloads may be the answer. Find out how a regular release schedule and recurring billing options allow you to create a system which regularly generates income and helps your business to grow exponentially.

Why and How You Should Be Selling Subscription Downloads

Depending on the type of digital product you plan to offer, building your business around the subscription model can be one of the smartest moves you make as a digital merchant. Unlike standalone products, subscription downloads create a kind of residual income for your venture, allowing you to earn money reliably upon each release. The key to success is to create an efficient and effective system for content delivery.

Monitoring each of your subscribers to manually share content is a time-consuming chore. There’s also a wide margin of error, which means you could end up alienating loyal subscribers by allowing them to be lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, there are management options which allow you to automate all the work of billing and content delivery.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms are the ideal choice for almost any digital merchant, whether they’re selling standalone products or managing a subscription-based business. Services like grant all users access to secure file hosting and automated download delivery, along with secure payment processing. Merchants selling subscription downloads will also benefit from a host of business management and development tools designed expressly to facilitate recurring purchases. Working in tandem with trusted payment processing giant PayPal, these services make sure your content is delivered to the right customers at the right rate. Set up introductory offers, trial memberships and other tiered programs to appeal to a wide swath of your target audience. The work is done for you; all you have to do is upload each new installment in a timely manner.

What Kind of Products to Sell as Subscription Downloads?

There are a number of digital product types which are particularly well-suited to being sold as subscription downloads. Are you self-publishing a comic in digital format? Release new issues monthly, and build a dedicated following. Create a multi-part instructional video product, or even a scripted film series. Offer listeners the promise of new music in exchange for their support. Make your dreams of writing, publishing and editing a magazine a reality by working in digital format. When it comes to selling digital products as subscription downloads, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Partner with service providers who understand the unique needs of a subscription-based digital business. Get started on your new venture today, and take all the stress out of managing your subscribers’ content.

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