How Stock Photography Can Help You Sell Images and Make Money

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Visual appeal is vital in the world of online content marketing, and one of the most commonly accepted methods of adding visual interest to text-heavy blog entries, articles or marketing pages is the use of stock photography. The photographers and content providers who sell images for this purpose are always in high demand, and can make money from the sale of these products as digital downloads.

What are Stock Photography Digital Downloads?

The cost of hiring a professional photographer to shoot specific images to which a client holds exclusive rights can quickly become prohibitively expensive. As a alternative, many online news outlets, blogs and other text-based content services choose to purchase stock photography. The photographers who sell images in this manner provide high-quality, professional photographs of people in common situations, recognizable landmarks or events which have relatively broad appeal and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Some photographers do offer stock images as physical media, but this practice is becoming increasingly rare as more business models shift to a more exclusive focus on building Internet presence. Today, the most dependable way of becoming successful in this industry is to sell stock photography as digital downloads.

How to Start Selling Stock Images as Digital Downloads

Unlike physical media photographs, digital images don’t need to be developed, physically altered or stored in a climate-controlled environment to preserve quality. To sell digital images, all a professional photographer truly needs is a camera, photo editing software and access to the right selling tools, which are an integral part of online sales success.

Stock images as digital downloads do require content hosting, and starting to sell stock photography will require a content provider to solidify their place within the market by offering the most secure and dependable sales environment. This includes secure payment processing, automated content delivery, access to proven marketing tools and content hosting.

These services are all available separately through standalone services, but the vast majority of both new and established content providers will have more success and enjoy greater efficiency by choosing to sell images with the assistance of a dedicated ecommerce solution like With a comprehensive ecommerce platform, payments are processed through trusted services, content is hosted and automated delivery ensures prompt access to purchased products. When you choose to sell images as part of your business with a reliable ecommerce provider, you can consolidate all of these important services through one system, while also enjoying the benefits of a built-in marketing push by participating in bundled affiliate network programs.

With the right sales support and high-quality products, you can sell images and build a successful online business.


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