How Selling Songs Online Can Make Your Band More Money

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Financial gain is part and parcel of large-scale musical success, but for independent acts who are struggling to build an audience, a lack of funding can actually derail a promising project. Recording music costs money, but it’s hard to earn money with no viable product to sell. Without a demo, it can be challenging to book even local shows, which further complicates the situation. What many bands and musicians don’t realize, though, is just how much of a difference selling songs with the help of the Internet can make.

Selling Songs and Increasing Your Reach

Recording a full-length album in even a small professional studio is often prohibitively expensive for musicians who are just beginning their careers. While some of today’s bands turn to crowd-funding efforts in order to secure the money they need to record and produce an album, others have learned through firsthand experience just how much of a difference a web store can make.

Choosing to sell songs individually, or to release an EP, can have a substantial effect and often requires a relatively small up-front investment. With the right marketing efforts, each release can generate income which can be saved to fund a full album, eliminating the need to assume burdensome debt in the hopes of seeing an investment return on a first project. Through carefully planned marketing efforts, promoting even a few songs can also increase your overall audience reach significantly, generating more buzz and helping you to book more shows. By simply selling songs online individually or through short releases with a few songs, you can help to underwrite your successful album release while steadily gaining new followers.

Building a Web Store to Sell Songs Online

To get started selling songs, it’s important to first understand some of the more common myths surrounding online music sales. You don’t have to get your music into the major retailer web stores to sell MP3s, and you don’t have to invest in a fully capable sales website built from the ground up to facilitate sales. With the right ecommerce solution as support, you can turn a band blog site, along with social networking profiles, into sales portals.

The ideal web store for selling songs will be built around the concept of offering secure payment processing through a selection of trusted names, along with automated content delivery to make sure your new fans are able to immediately access the songs they’ve purchased. Automated delivery also eliminates the risk of missed sales alerts stemming from mishandled manual order fulfillment, bolstering the brand image and reputation of your project. A fully integrated ecommerce solution like helps you get started selling songs, doesn’t require extensive web design startup time and also offers a host of valuable selling tools to expand your reach, like access to affiliate networks and sales tracking information.

Don’t wait to pursue your success because you’re trying to fund an expensive album release. Start polishing and releasing your existing content, marketing your project and fostering growth without going deeply into debt.


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