How Online Selling Beats Retail for New Authors

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After working for months or even years on your novel, you’re ready to release it into the world in the hopes of establishing your reputation as a debut author. Not so long ago, this meant either spending even more time looking for a publisher who would express interest in your work, or shouldering the significant financial burden of underwriting your own first printing. Today, becoming a self-published author is easier than ever, and many writers are learning that online selling beats brick-and-mortar retail.

The Value of Ebook Sales

A quick survey of the publishing landscape in the last five years shows a substantial shift in the way people buy and consume new books. As ereader devices become more and more popular, ebook sales are climbing and physical book sales are beginning to decline. While they’re steadily becoming a more popular product option, there are also a host of other benefits to self-publishing and selling ebooks.

Should you land a publishing contract, you may receive an advance on royalties, and you may see physical copies of your book sitting on the shelves of a retail outlet. You will also see lower profit percentages per book sold, and you will likely be forced to relinquish some level of creative control over the finished product. This especially holds true for genre fiction and write-for-hire authors working for legacy publishers, as you will not own the rights to your own products under standard contract agreements for years after the first printing.

For new authors, turning to the Internet and online selling beats these questionable terms almost every time.

How to Start Selling Ebooks

After carefully editing and polishing your work to ensure high quality, it’s time to start building your business model. For some self-published authors, this may mean a limited release through one major ebook marketplace with an exclusivity agreement. Most authors will prefer to make their ebooks available through several different avenues to increase potential readership. With a great ecommerce platform like, you can turn each of your social networking profiles, blog posts and your personal website into a sales portal. You can also enjoy the benefits of automated content delivery, secure hosting and reputable payment processing, along with access to a powerful affiliate network which helps you spread the word about your novels.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that traditional publishing is the only viable route for a new author. With the right system in place, you can start making money and building name recognition by selling ebooks online.


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